One Piece Episode 856 Spoilers – Luffy Discovered Katakuri’s Secret

In the last episode of One Piece, we saw Katakuri defeated Luffy by suffocating the Straw Hat Pirate in tons of mochi. After he seemingly defeated Luffy, Katakuri went to his shrine and proceeded to refuel his power with sugary donuts. How will Luffy bounce back and defeat the greatest enemy he had ever faced yet?

One Piece Episode 856 – Katakuri’s Sacred Shrine

When it seems like Luffy is no more, Katakuri went ahead and ate his merienda. Nobody even bothered to check if Luffy was actually dead under the pile of heavy mochi. Luffy is not dead yet but buried beneath the mochi. One clever idea came into his mind: eat the pile of mochi that was suffocating him. He emerged on the top of the mochi pile with his stomach stuffed. He even complained about how he needs to eat everytime he needs to beat a fighter in this island.

He noticed the shrine that Katakuri went into (or more accurately, he smelled the donuts that Katakuri is eating). Nobody has seen Katakuri eating, even his siblings, because he heavily forbids someone to enter the shrine when he’s there. Luffy attacked the shrine and broke it only to find Katakuri laying on his back without his stern demeanor and eating the donut with childlike bliss. It turns out that Katakuri’s biggest secret is his ripped mouth.

What will happen next is Katakuri will kill the chefs that saw his real form. He is even more determined to kill Luffy now that he saw his secret. Katakuri never let someone who saw his true form live another day. He and Luffy will fight once again with Luffy but Luffy will once again get the lower hand. However, one of his blows landed to Katakuri and he claimed that the Sweet General is not really invincible. Luffy will finally use Gear Fourth and the battle will reach new levels. That’s it for One Piece episode 856. Stay tuned for more updates.

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