One Piece Episode 855 – Katakuri’s Awakening

Luffy and Katakuri’s fight is still ongoing, with their attacks escalating to new levels every episode. Luffy’s endurance is proven to be unexpected even for Katakuri. With Katakuri getting even more irritated, he decided to use a serious move that plans to stop Luffy once and for all. Will the battle end in One Piece episode 855?

Bege will be seen traveling to the sea and is trying to lure out the Big Mom Pirates. All of a sudden, his pursuers are disappeared.  It turns out that his pursuers cannot follow him because the sea slugs are not reporting any locations. The Germa Kingdom also managed to suppress the attack of Big Mom Pirates. They forced Nusstorte to call the base and report that the Germa Kingdom is crushed. After that, the Vinsmokes sailed to the sea to help the Straw Hats.

Meanwhile, Luffy managed to save his head from Katakuri’s spear attack by, well, planting his head to the ground. He expressed his frustration about how Katakuri is always aiming for the places where he dodges. Katakuri will also show his frustration and will reveal that his attacks are never dodged like this before. Because of this, Katakuri will finally use his awakened ability.

One Piece Episode 855 – Katakuri’s Secret

Katakuri will use Flowing Mochi to restrain Luffy’s mobility. Luffy is then caught with mochi and is unable to move. He tried using Gear Fourth Muscle Balloon, but Katakuri prevented him by tightening the mochi. He then turned a big portion of the Mirror World to mochi and dropped it all to Luffy. When Luffy doesn’t get out of there, he will have suffocated by the all of the mochis. When he is convinced that Luffy will die under the tons of Mochi, he proceeds to take a Tea Time and entered his Mochi Shrine to eat.

But Luffy is not finished yet. Instead of suffocating, he ate the whole pile of mochi and survived. He will even complain about how he always need to eat to beat the Big Mom Pirates. Luffy destroyed the Mochi Shrine, and to his and the attendants’ surprise, Katakuri is laying on the floor baring his ripped mouth and eating donuts happily like a child. This infuriates Katakuri, and he is determined to kill everyone who saw his secret. And that’s it for One Piece episode 855. Stay tuned for more spoilers.

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