One Piece Episode 854 Spoilers, Summary, Release Date

Hey everyone! In this article, We’ll be discussing One Piece Episode 854 spoilers, summary and release date. Before I start, I want to let you all know that this post holds a lot of massive spoilers. If you don’t desire to be spoiled, I recommend you stop seeing the post here. However, if spoilers don’t worry you, we can get started.

One Piece Episode 854 Spoilers

One Piece Episode 854 Spoilers

In the previous episode, we noticed how Jimbei saves Thousand Sunny and everyone from Yonko’s wrath. It was truly awesome to witness how Jimbei uses his helmsman ability to get cleared of the waves. Straw Hat also shattered the remaining mirrors from the ship so that our hero can concentrate on his big battle against Yonko’s sweet commander. Katakuri is bored of this, and he will try to eventually bring down Luffy with his ultimate weapon.

Charlotte Katakuri and Monkey D Luffy have been battling ever since our hero chose to get left behind to delay some of the forces chasing the Thousand Sunny. While the Sunny may be comparatively safer following the last episode’s progress, it seems like One Piece episode 854 will center more on Luffy vs Katakuri fight.

In One Piece episode 854, we’ll again get to witness Sweet Commander dominating Straw Hat captain in their battle. Luffy tried almost everything against Katakuri. However, nothing is working against him. Also, there is only a single mirror that allows Luffy to come back on Thousand Sunny and in the next episode, we will be observing what Nami will do concerning it. If Luffy is able to leave the Mirror World while fooling Katakuri in the mirror dimension, Luffy may not require to exert his Gear Fourth technique.

We will be observing Katakuri using his Spear Mole to stop Luffy and will also notice how Luffy is getting away from every single attack that Katakuri executes on him. It will be difficult for Katakuri to assume how Luffy is evading his strikes.

In One Piece episode 854, we will examine Luffy ultimately using his 4th Gear to compete against Charlotte Katakuri. This episode will release on 23rd September 2018.

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