One Piece Episode 854 – Luffy’s Silent Fight

Nami and the rest of the folks inside Sunny were saved the last episode due to Jinbe’s helmsman skills. They also broke the remaining mirrors in the Sunny so that Luffy can focus on Katakuri. Katakuri is tired of this, and he will try to finally bring down Luffy with his ultimate weapon. Because of this, Luffy will make a final promise to his crew in One Piece episode 854.

One Piece Episode 854 – Luffy VS Katakuri Part 2

Luffy and Katakuri will have a rematch again in One Piece episode 854. But before that, Luffy will find out that his crew is still alive. Nami will scold him that he didn’t even have a proper plan, but Luffy retorted that he would find a way. Agreeing that they will have to meet at 1 PM at Cacao Island, Katakuri figured out what’s going on and began attacking Luffy. Luffy put the mirror in his mouth just before Katakuri began his assault. When Katakuri ceased his attacks, he spat the mirror and told his crew that they better hurry up to Cacao Island.

But unknown to Luffy and the others, Brulee heard the promise and reported to Perospero that all the people aboard the Sunny are still alive. Brulee also reported the promise that they would meet in Cacao Island. Meanwhile, it seems like Big Mom will be destroying the Nuts Island.

Mogura: Katakuri’s Ultimate Weapon

So far, Katakuri has been fighting Luffy with only his fist and legs, but because it seems like the battle is becoming a drag, he decided to become serious. He will then reveal his ultimate weapon; his spear called Mogura. This spear is very compatible with his Mochi power because he can use his twisted hands to thrust and get more power. Because of this, each of his trust is powerful enough to punch a hole like a mole.

Will Luffy successfully create a countermeasure to stop Katakuri or will he fall in the hands of the Sweet Commander? How powerful is Katakuri’s awakened ability? We will know more in One Piece episode 854.

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