One Piece Episode 852 – A Hard Battle Starts: Luffy vs. Katakuri


In the last episode of One Piece, the Katakuri VS Luffy fight started, and right off the bat, things are not in Luffy’s favor. Katakuri can do anything that he can do, but with greater efficiency and power. Will Luffy make it out of the mirror world alive? How would he defeat Katakuri? Here are the spoilers for One Piece episode 852.

One Piece Episode 852 – The Battle Continues

Katakuri and Luffy’s fight was lit in the last episode. In most parts, the scenes were well elaborated, and the anime captured more action that the manga did. But that’s only the start of this epic battle. Now that Luffy realized that Katakuri’s Mochi Gattling Gun could do more damage than his attack, this episode will focus more on giant-sized punches. Luffy will try to fight back with Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun, but Katakuri will answer this by throwing a punch larger than the Elephant Gun.

One Piece 852

In the end, Luffy will be defeated in the meantime while Katakuri is almost unscathed. The sweet commander will contact Perospero, and they will plan to infiltrate Sunny through the mirrors. With this, Luffy will make an important decision that everyone aboard the Sunny will need to follow, even though they might not see Luffy back again.

The Baking Begins In Cacao Island

Meanwhile, Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon managed to reach the Cacao Island to cook the wedding cake for Big Mom. While in the trip, Sanji listed the ingredients and the shape of the cake so that they can start immediately. Pudding called for the help of the Head Chiefs in the Whole Cake Island to make the baking easier. In order to make them work without complaint, Pudding will modify their memories of the event that happened earlier that day. The new memory includes Sanji and Pudding being married together, but the weather got bad, and the cake was wasted because of the rain. Because of this, a new cake is needed to ease Big Mom’s hunger pangs.

One Piece 852

Inside the Sunny, a new problem arises for the Straw Hat pirates. Big Mom made a gigantic wave and even Nami’s navigation skills; it would be impossible for them to make it through. Will this be the end of the Straw Hat Pirates? We will know more in One Piece episode 852.


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