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One Piece Episode 1016 Release Date: The Great Battle Has Finally Begun


If you want to witness the craziest thing in the shonen world then you should give One Piece a try. It is the best time to be a One Piece fan as the series is breaking all the records both in Manga and in anime. With each manga chapter, the series is moving toward the most awaited conclusion of the Wano arc, and the battle between Kaidou and Luffy getting even more intense. With the release of the 1015th episode, the series crossed chapter 1000 in anime, and from now on, we will witness the great action with each episode. In this article, we will reveal the release date and preview of One Piece episode 1016 in detail.

One Piece Episode 1015 Recap:

I have one word for this particular episode and that is, Awesome!. The episode not only revealed some great information about Luffy but also portrayed beautiful animations with a very great art style. The episode began with Yamato and Ace talking about the world under the moonlight. Then they talk about Luffy and Ace explained to her that he will become the most powerful pirate someday. We saw Oden’s Journal in Yamato’s hand it was mentioned in the journal that after 20 years, a great pirate will rise to the above. With this, it also revealed in the episode that the Yamato was the one who made Ace’s vivre card.

Luffy One Piece

Luffy delivering punch

As the Ace and Yamato scene end, the frame shifts to the rooftop where the new generation of kaizoku finally gathers. Even Luffy finally made it to the roof-top. Then comes the most intense moment of the episode when Luffy approached Kinemon and told him that he will save Wano on his behalf. With this, the great battle begins and Luffy landed a great attack on Kaidou.

One Piece Episode 1016 Preview & Release Date:

Episode 1016 of One Piece is all set to release on 8th May 2022. The series will feature a special episode this coming Sunday which is titled, ” Barto’s Special Room 2!”. This episode will show the journey of Sanji and Zoro with their great action. We want to clarify that this is just a special episode and is not included in the One Piece episodes category.

The One Piece episode 1016, which titles, ” Battle of Monsters! Three Captains Stubborn to Each Other”, may feature the action of all the captains of the Worst Generation. We might also see the great action between Kaidou and Luffy however these all are just speculations and actual events might differ from these mentioned ones.

Watch One Piece Online:

All the episodes of One Piece are available to stream on Crunchyroll. You can even simulcast the upcoming episodes on the same platform as Crunchyroll supports simulcasting. It is to be noted that, you might have to purchase the subscription to enjoy One Piece anytime anywhere.

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