One Piece Creator Teases New Straw Hat Pirates

new straw hat pirate member

In today’s post, we will be discussing on something that Eiichiro Oda recently mentioned about the Straw Hat Pirates. The Straw Hat Pirates are a crew that hails from East Blue and have a bounty of over 2 billion berries in total. They have ten members in their crew with Jinbe being the 10th and the latest addition to Whole Cake Island.

11th Member of Straw Hat Pirates

Recently, Eiichiro Oda was talking about One Piece’s future, and he seemed to mention quite a lot of important stuff. Whenever you see people talk about One Piece, you hear ‘when is it going to end,’ and of course, Oda was asked the same question. According to him, One Piece is about 80% done. While this does make it seem like One Piece is about to end, the truth is that we still have about 6 to 7 years left and Oda’s pace might get even slower, meaning more time with One Piece.

One Piece New Strawhat Pirates

Oda mentioned that once he felt satisfied with his work, he would end One Piece. Even Shueisha cannot influence his decision, and he’ll end it when he wants. He also brought up the topic of people joining the Straw Hat Pirates and Oda mention that more people will be joining the crew from here on out. Jinbe having joined, the statement seemed to imply that at least two more people will join the crew, probably at Wano, or sometime after that at Elbaf.

Fans have different opinions on who they want to join the crew next, but it seems Carrot is prevalent among all the lists of the fans. Furthermore, some want Marco to join the crew, and if Luffy surpasses him in terms of ability, it is possible for him to join. Others have gone as far as to say that they want Katakuri, but that’s not happening in my opinion.

Strawhat Pirates

O Tama is the most recent addition to this list of possible Straw Hat Pirates, and I’d say that there is a big chance that she’ll end up joining the crew by the end of the Wano arc as well. Honestly, there are so many potential characters who can join this crew, and I think whichever character Oda decides will be very popular among the fans. There’s no need to worry about who’ll be joining the crew next as I’m sure it’ll be someone very powerful.

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