One Piece Chapter 951 Spoilers And Release Date: Clash Of Two Yonko, Hawkins’ Scheme Revealed

One Piece 951 Release Date
Trafalgar Law, One Piece (Eiichiro Oda)

The war in Onigashima is approaching. In just a few more days, Luffy and his crew, as well as the other fighters of Wano are about to fight Kaido in order in an attempt to overthrow Kaido and Orochi out of Wano. With Luffy injured and Kaido captured, how would the anti-Kaido team win this fight? In One Piece chapter 951, Big Mom will finally wake up and will meet Kaido for a one on one battle.

One Piece chapter 951 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 951 spoilers

The chapter will start with Orochi and Fukuro (from the Marines) are negotiating into something. It seems like Fukuro is sharing the posters of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates. With the information revealed, their posters are being distributed in the whole Wano Country. Meanwhile, Sanji and Shinobu are discussing the information leakage in a rooftop

Bepo and the other groups are escaping in Ebisu Town when they met Nami. He handed her a paper which contains a secret code distributed while they are in their cells. It seems like there are some changes in the plan. Nami decided that she would have to inform Kinemon abut the changes ASAP.

As per Law’s wish, Bepo never revealed to Nami that Law was captured.  Bepo had a flashback on how Hawkins escorted Law to the cell. In addition, Hawkins destroyed the straws to free the three. Meanwhile, Ashura shows a large ship where they can transport 1,000 soldiers.

The main event of One Piece chapter 951 would happen in the Onigashima, where Big Mom is currently being accommodated by Kaido’s crew. She’s eating sweets while waiting for the big man to arrive. Big Mom ordered Kaido’s men to take her handcuffs off, but she decided to remove it herself with ease. When Kaido arrives, Big Mom attacked him with her sword while Kaido defended with his club. There was a great clash of Haki in the surroundings. Will this turn into a full-blown fight against two Yonkos? We’ll see in the next chapters.

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