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One Piece Chapter 946 Review

One Piece Chapter 946 Review

Oda who is popularly known as Oda the madman because of his insane art craft and awesome writing. He keeps on surprising us and more importantly we will have been witnessing one awesome chapter after another. In One Piece chapter 945, we got to see Vinsmoke Sanji and Roronoa Zoro battling X-Drake and Kyoushiro. The major update in this chapter was that Basil Hawkins has turned the crew of Trafalgar D Law into his voodoo dolls meaning that Trafalgar law has to somehow defeat Hawkins before Hawkins hurts himself.

Meanwhile, Big Mom was shown facing Queen whose devil fruit form was revealed as well. Also, then we saw Queen the Plague just getting trampled by Big Mom. In the new chapter, we will see again Queen getting beaten up by Big Mom. This will provide the opportunity for Eustass Kid and Killer escaping safely without getting killed. Luffy will catch the attention of Big Mom after he tells her that Oshiruko is delicious.

Luffy will demonstrate his insane haki control now by removing his collar and Hyougoro’s collar as well. Hyougoro will then stand his ground against Big Mom and tell Luffy that one will only get stronger after one faces tougher opponents.

One Piece 946 scans

So, Monkey D Luffy will face up to yonko herself in the new chapter. Also, in this chapter, Raizo will make another step towards Kawamatsu. Sanji and Roronoa Zoro will not be shown for much time in this chapter.

We should all feel privileged to see this Wano country arc. Also, the One Piece series has entered its final phase at the very last. This final phase will certainly last for more than two years still at the very least. Also, this new chapter will be released on 23/06/19 on Viz media. The unofficial scans will be out a couple of days before that. I recommend reading the official version because by doing that you will help the manga community and give them much needed credit for their efforts.

Do mention your precious thoughts in the comments section down below about Monkey D Luffy facing off against Big Mom. Luffy knows that Big Mom is stronger than him but will his new technique help him face her on a more balanced scale or not? I am eagerly waiting for the release of this chapter and also the next one. Thankfully there will be no break next week. So, let us see how things unfold in the upcoming chapter.


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