One Piece Chapter 945 Review

One Piece manga is literally on a roll right now and Oda has got all his fans nuts with the amazing run of chapters in Wano country arc. The official spoilers have been leaked all over the internet so we thought we’ll bring our followers the spoilers to them as well. The last chapter, that is One Piece chapter 944 was also an eventful chapter. In this chapter, we got to see Sanji and Zoro getting into the thick of the action against characters like Kyoushiro and X-Drake.

Then we got to see another amazing revelation by Oda, Kamazo the Manslayer is actually Killer, Kid’s original right-hand man. Also, Luffy tried to hit Queen with a weak punch but it proved to be a futile effort. Now, let me share with you all the confirmed spoilers of the One Piece chapter 945. Whoever does not like to read spoilers, now is the time to make a run from this article. In the new chapter, we’ll see Kurozumi Orochi again escaping while Kyoushiro and Zoro continue to battle. Oniwabanshu also joins the battle.

Sanji gives Otoko to Usopp and Usopp takes her to safety. Brook is protecting Hiyori but ultimately fails. Sanji tries to save Hiyori who he finds a beautiful woman as expected but Roronoa Zoro beats him to it and Hiyori Kozuki grabs Roronoa Zoro and Zoro saves her from Oniwabanshu.

This makes Sanji sad and mad and jealous. Law is confronted by Basil Hawkins who has turned Law’s crew into his voodoo dolls so that Law doesn’t hurt Hawkins.

Meanwhile, Queen the Plague and others are shocked to witness Big Mom. Big Mom doesn’t recognise Luffy which is also realised by Strawhat Luffy. Then, Queen the Plague will transform into his ancient beast form, that being Ancient Zoan Type Brachiosaurus. This one is that type of humongous dinosaur with a giant neck. When Queen the Plague transforms everyone including Luffy is shocked but this somehow irritates yonko Big Mom and she jumps on top of Queen and punches him in his dinosaur form which is all it takes to level him on the ground.

The chapter ends here. Unfortunately, next week there is going to be another One Piece break week. The chapter will officially be released on Monday 11 June 2019. The scans will be out tomorrow, that is Friday 07 June 2019. Do mention in the comments your thoughts on One Piece chapter 945 spoilers.

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