One Piece Chapter 943 New Release Date Revealed

One Piece manga is in the middle of its most interesting and most exciting arc thus far in the whole story. Oda has already promised that Wano war will be at least three times bigger than the Marineford war. Oda has been delivering one awesome chapter after another and One Piece chapter 942 was again just great.

Unfortunate, One Piece chapter 943 will not be coming out next week because Oda will be taking his usual break after four chapters. Even though One Piece and other Shonen Jump manga were already on a break last week it is clear that Oda does not consider any other break equivalent to his own.

Thus, we all fans have to go through another break next week. This means One Piece chapter 943 will be officially released on 27 May 2019 which seems a long way from now on. One Piece chapter 942 was yet again another flawless chapter delivered by Oda. He first made Yasu’s character a hundred times more important and then just killed him off in cold blood.

This execution was filled with great emotions. Yasu made use of this situation by telling everyone that the tattoo of rebellion was a lie created by him. This way Kinemon and others can continue with their pursuit of plans to take of Kurozumi Orochi and Kaido. It was also revealed that Yasu and others would have taken Wano back from Orochi if Kaido would have not arrived.

Also, Smile devil fruits seem to be somehow connected to Ebisu Town people as revealed by Komurasaki aka Kozuki Hiyori.

one piece 943

So, this makes the wait for One Piece chapter 943 even tougher for fans as the excitement seems to be tangible. In the new chapter, we might finally see what Trafalgar D Law is up to as he is trying to save his loyal crewmates.

Also, Monkey D Luffy might finally learn his new power-up technique which he thinks might damage Kaido but it still seems highly unlikely. Big Mom has reached Udon but we haven’t seen what she, Chopper and others are up to. So, in One Piece chapter 943, we might get to see her again. Queen the Plague’s devil fruit is yet to be revealed as he remains the last one among the three Calamities of Kaido whose devil fruit is yet to be revealed. Let us hope that it is an awesome ancient zoan type devil fruit. Everything just adds to the excitement of Wano country arc.

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