One Piece Chapter 928 – Updates

Hey everyone! The One Piece manga is in its Wano Arc right now, and I think you all probably know that already. The arc has been divided into Acts by Oda and the first act wrapped up quite a few chapters ago. We’ve now been a couple of chapters into Wano Country act two and things look like they’re getting heated already.

One Piece Chapter 928 Spoilers

I think the start to the act was explosive, and although the following chapters weren’t as good as the first one, they’re necessary for development of the arc. The previous chapter was one that I enjoyed thoroughly because there was some character development surrounding Franky, and even Kyoushiro and Orochi. We also met a new character called Otoko, and funnily enough, she’s not even a man. Komurasaki was the talk of the chapter, and it seems she’ll play a very important role in the upcoming few chapters of One Piece.

First thing that I want to let you all know about One Piece Chapter 928 is that the manga is on break this week. We won’t get out regular One Piece chapter, so don’t expect one to drop anytime soon. With that being said, we’ll now be discussing the events for the next chapter of One Piece, and I think a lot of it will be focused on the Shogun, and Komurasaki. The Shogun has wanted to make Komurasaki his for quite a while now.

Of course, he’s been rejected each time but he hopes that this time, he doesn’t fail. Meanwhile, Sanji and the others are heading to the event to see whether she’s really ad beautiful as they say. Robin will be given the chance to meet the Shogun and so all of the squad at the Flower Capital will be present at the event. We will also see Komurasaki for the first time in the next episode, and I hope that the next chapter finally reveals the Devil Fruit of Orochi. Queen may also be shown sending assassins to deal with Sanji, but I don’t think that they’ll be able to take him out.

Where To Read One Piece 928?

There are some unofficial sites that allow you to read One Piece manga. However, even if you read the scanlation, please support the official release by waiting for the official release, which will help the anime and manga community. We will not see One Piece return next week. For now, the manga is on break and will resume in Shounen Jump double issue 04-05. The scans will be out by 22 December 2018. One Piece Chapter 928 returns officially on 24 December 2018.

One Piece 928 Spoilers: Chaos In The Flower Capital

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