One Piece Chapter 928: Sanji vs The Assassins

Hey everyone! One Piece Chapter 928 is just around the corner and today, we’ll be talking about the upcoming chapter that has got everyone excited. As you all know, Wano Country act 2 has begun and we’re now focusing a lot more on the Shogun and the Wano Samurai. You all probably know that part 1 put focus on the Strawhats and the Beasts Pirates. Now, we shift to the Samurai.

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One Piece Chapter 928 Release Date and Updates

As we saw in the previous chapter, Sanji and the others are in the Flower Capital. They’re all doing their thing, and trying to follow the plan that Kinemon laid down for them. However, the Samurai that work under Kyoushiro have a problem with Sanji. Without wasting much time, Sanji proceeds to pummel them, along with Franky’s help. They run back to Kyoushiro who then asks for Queen to send some assassins to eliminate Sanji.

At the same time, we see the Shogun’s design. The banquet is about to begin and a beautiful girl named Komurasaki is going to be there. Of course, the Strawhats who we saw at the Flower Capital are going to be there as well and since Queen has ordered the assassins to follow them and kill them, things will definitely get interesting. So now, let’s discuss One Piece Chapter 928 predictions. What will happen in the upcoming chapter?

Well, we have very little information as of now, but I think that we will definitely focus on Luffy and Kid first of all. These two have been in prison for quite some time now, and I think we’ll get to know more about them and maybe even the mystery prisoner who we haven’t seen so far.

I’m pretty sure that we’ll also see Komurasaki in this chapter, and the Shogun will turn out to be a troll. I just cannot take that Shogun seriously, and I think that he’ll end up dying by Act 3 or Act 4. Meanwhile, we may also see Queen ordering the Assassins to make quick work of Sanji, but of course, Sanji will beat them up as well.

Where To Read One Piece 928?

There are some unofficial sites that allow you to read One Piece manga. However, even if you read the scanlation, please support the official release by waiting for the official release, which will help the anime and manga community. We will not see One Piece return next week. For now, the manga is on break and will resume in Shounen Jump double issue 04-05. The scans will be out by 22 December 2018. One Piece Chapter 928 returns officially on 24 December 2018.

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