One Piece Chapter 928 Official Spoilers – Kid’s History With Red Hair Pirates

In the previous chapter of One Piece, we saw how Kyoshiro and his men are given “territories” to rule over in Wano Country. Sanji has beaten up all of Kyoshiro’s henchmen and is now under pursuit by Queen’s assassins. Meanwhile, O-robi will finally be able to see Orochi in the castle. According to One Piece chapter 928, we will see some old characters. Will Luffy start the jailbreak in the following chapters?

This chapter will open with Franky playing a role in a stage play. Meanwhile, Raizou is with Luffy in the cell and is trying to get the key to Luffy’s sea stone handcuffs. This is the easiest way for him to free Luffy because when Luffy was freed from the handcuffs, it is only a matter of seconds before he destroys the whole prison. Unless the guards are armed with sea stone nails, that’s going to make the jailbreak harder.

One Piece chapter 928


Inside the prison, Kid and Luffy are talking with Caribou. It seems like he cannot use his devil fruit at all in this prison. Caribou will ask if Kid lost his arm because of Big Mom’s subordinates, but Kid will answer that he lost his arm because of an incident with the Red Hair Pirates. Because of his hatred with the Red Hair Pirates, it seems like he and Luffy will have a conflict regarding Shanks and his crew.

Back to Sangoro and Franosuke in the Flower Capital, it seems like the assassins might not come in this chapter. The oiran, Komurasaki, will be attacked by three guys in the street but his bodyguards will easily defeat them. However, during a flashback, Kyoushiro and Komurasaki will be seen talking to each other and swindling one of the guys that attacked her. At the end of the chapter, Tama and Momonosuke will be seen talking. And that’s for One Piece chapter 928 official spoilers. Stay tuned for more spoilers in the next chapters.

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