One Piece Chapter 926 Official Spoilers


One Piece chapter 926 official spoilers are out, and it seems like this chapter will focus on Luffy and Kidd. It can be remembered that Luffy and Kidd both failed to fight Kaido and escape. They both share a prison (albeit different cells), and Kaido wants them both to become members of his crew. What will happen when the two Supernovas shared a jail time in the same prison?

The spoiler is translated by¬†Misasoite.¬† First thing first, a group of people who seem to be samurais from the Wano Country was seen holding a lot of leaflets. These people have a mark of the Kozuki Clan (which is similar to the Sun). It can be remembered that the first part of Kinemon’s plan is to distribute the leaflets all across the Wano Country. This is to inform the allies of the Kozuki Clan that they are back. Are the allies of the Kozuki Clan back?

Meanwhile, Nami and a female Ninja are sneaking into somewhere. This female ninja seems to be Shinobu, who is a veteran kunoichi from the Wano Country. What will they find out and will they be able to make find something important?

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Meanwhile, Kidd and Luffy are both clad with sea stones which disables them to use their abilities. The guard who is trying to break their spirit ordered them to carry big rocks. Even though they are both wearing sea stone handcuffs, both of them are carrying a lot of stones. They will also compete with each other while having their lunch. There is no news about how the competition turned out, but this sure as hell angered the hippopotamus guard who’s watching over them. As a punishment, he swallowed both of them into his mouth.

Just after the guard swallowed both, he collapses while Luffy and Kidd come out. For some reason, Luffy is carrying an old person in his arms. Who is this character and how will he make an impact in Wano Arc? Are the Kozuki followers back? And that’s it for One Piece chapter 926 official spoilers. We will update this post when there are more spoilers to come out.