One Piece Chapter 926 – Big Mom In Wano Confirmed

A lot of things happened in the previous chapter of One Piece. The previous chapter has shown what is going on with Blackbeard and his crew, as well as Perona and Moriah. We also learned what happened to the Reverie, but it is not clear yet if Sabo and the others escaped with Kuma successfully. But one thing is for sure, Big Mom will be in Wano Arc. In this article, we will talk about One Piece chapter 926 expectations.

It’s been hinted before that Big Mom would be in the Wano Arc, which means that at least two of the Yonko, in addition to the other powerful people, will actually set the final part of this arc. We still don’t know if Blackbeard, Shanks, and the marines will find their way to Wano before the festival in Onigashima. It might be possible for Shanks to travel in two weeks, but it seems like he’ll not risk breaking his promise to Luffy by going there.

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One of One Piece expectations is that Big Mom will finally make a move now that Kaido finally caught the elusive captain who stole her cake. Instead of the Straw Hats fighting both the Big Mom Pirates and the Beast Pirates, the two Yonko might get into a fight for Luffy’s custody. It seems like the two does not get along pretty well. This might be the end of the Wano Country if they started to fight. Of course, that would be inevitable unless Luffy and the others will manage to beat Kaido and Orochi.

And to be able to do that, Luffy (and also Kidd) would need to escape the prison. Will they successfully free the two Supernova that is being kept inside Kaido’s cells? The next battles might not include Luffy and Kaido again until the final fight. One of One Piece chapter 926 expectations is that the Greater Calamities, the Queen and King, might show their power in the next chapters. Hopefully, the Straw Hats and their allies will be powerful enough to take the Beast Pirates powerful warriors in the upcoming big fight in the Wano Arc.

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