One Piece Chapter 925 – The Result Of The Reverie?

A lot of things happened since Luffy, and his crew entered Wano. The previous chapter ended up with Luffy and Kidd inside their own prisons while the curtains fall as the first part of the Wano Arc ended. In the upcoming One Piece chapter 925, fans are expecting to see what happened to the Reverie first before resuming the action in Wano.

One Piece Chapter 925 – The Result Of The Reverie?

It’s been a while since we saw the Reverie started. We saw some old faces like Vivi, King Nefertari, Shirahosh, Rebecca, and even Rob Lucci. Since the next part of the Wano Arc is getting started, a lot of fans believe that this is the perfect time to know what happened in the Reverie. Will we get information about Im-Sama? What did King Nefertari speak about with Vice Admiral Fujitora? And what the heck is Jewelry Bonney doing in the Mary Geoise?

A lot of readers will also want to know what happened to Sabo and the other revolutionaries. It can be remembered that Sabo and his comrades want to rescue Kuma from the hands of the World Government. But before that, they will need to see to it that Kuma will go with them and not attack them.

one piece chapter 925

After the short peek on what’s happening to the Reverie, the action is expected to go back to Wano. Luffy was captured and jailed beside Kidd’s cell in the last chapter. Some fans expect that the two will have a conversation in One Piece chapter 925. Is this a start of a new alliance? It is possible, but only in Wano Arc. It can be remembered that for some reason, Kidd is targeting Shanks, which Luffy might not find pleasing. We will know more in the future chapters if they will build an alliance in the Wano Arc.

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