‘One Piece Chapter 925’ Possible Spoilers – It’s About Time We See Orochi

Everything was chaotic in the first part of the Wano Arc. In just a couple of days staying in Wano, Luffy already found his way inside Kaido’s prison. In addition, crazy stuff like time travel and Kaido being a dragon was revealed. In this One Piece chapter 925 possible spoilers, the possibility of Orochi appearing in the second part will be discussed.

One Piece Chapter 925 – The Second Act Begins

After the first part ended with Luffy and Kidd looking gloomy in their cells, there will be a break for the manga this week. So far, the Wano Arc is pretty much successful in hyping the readers, especially with the new character introductions. As the new part of the arc starts, will we be able to finally see Wano Country’s shogun, Korozumi Orochi?

It can be remembered that during the hype surrounding Shutenmaru, fans are expecting to see a cool samurai that rivals even Duval’s reconstructed face. The aesthetics of the real thing compared to that one in the fans’ imagination is proven to be very different. In this arc, everything unexpected can happen, and Orochi’s face might or might not be what we expected again.

One Piece 925 Possible Spoilers

Speaking of Shutenmaru (which is revealed to be Ashura Douji), it is also a good thing to ponder if he will be making an alliance to the Anti-Kaido resistance happening. Now that Kinemon finally found him, for the sake of Oden, he might join the Resistance and fight against Kaido. He will be a powerful ally, and that was seen when he fought Kaido in Dragon Form and survived.

Another One Piece chapter 925 possible spoilers are Kidd and Luffy finally getting in touch with each other inside Kaido’s prison. Will they carry out an operation that will enable them to both escapes or will they receive a help inside the prison? Whatever happens, it seems like the Kidd and Luffy alliance is pretty solid in this arc.

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