One Piece Chapter 925 Official Spoilers – Blackbeard Is Back

The two weeks of wait for One Piece chapter 925 is worth it. A lot of things happened and a lot of information was revealed in just one chapter. Blackbeard is back among with Moriah and other old characters that we haven’t seen in quite a while. There is also a news in about the Reverie and what happened to the revolutionaries and their mission. And last but not the least, the aftermath of Luffy’s exile will be seen more in what happened to the other characters. Here are the One Piece chapter 925 official spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 925 Official Spoilers – Blackbeard, Moriah, And The Reverie

Perona left Mihawk’s island to get back to Moriah and the Zombie Army in the Beehive Island. Absalom was killed by Blackbeard and his crew, who was now a group of powerful Devil Fruit users. When Moriah asked about the real Absalom, Catarina Devon answered that they still have his corpse and if Moriah wants, he can take it. Blackbeard laughed so hard through the speakers that the whole town shook.

Blackbeard also told Moriah that the execs of the Revolutionary Army fought Fujitora and Ryokugyu on the fourth day of Reverie in Mary Geoise. One Piece chapter 925 official spoilers did not mention if they won or not, but at the end of Blackbeard’s speech, his bounty is revealed to be 2,047,600,000 Berries.

one piece chapter 925 official spoilers

Officially setting the second part of the Wano arc, Shutenmaru and Inuarashi will fight each other this chapter, with the fight ending up in a draw. They are stopped by Kinnemon, who tried to acquire Shutenmaru’s help. But Shutenmaru declined and said “Don’t think that people will be happy for the Kozuki Clan’s samurai’s return! You people abandoned the country for 20 years! That blank can never be made up!” Also, Tama was alive and her wounds are being treated by Chopper.

Meanwhile, in Onigashima, Jack is being scolded by two of Beast Pirates’ All-Stars, King the Fire and Queen the Plague. The two All-Stars doesn’t seem to have a harmonious relationship, but they are teaming up to scold Jack. If these All-Stars are even bigger than Jack, who is already a huge human, then they must be very powerful. And that’s it for One Piece chapter 925 official spoilers. Stay tuned for more updates.


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