One Piece Chapter 924 Potential Spoilers

One Piece chapter 923 is a tough chapter for Luffy. He learned that Tama is potentially dead while all of his allies are not in sight after Kaido’s attack. In the meantime, Kaido builds up the Yonko hype again after Luffy’s One Swing KO. What will happen to him in One Piece chapter 924?

One Piece Chapter 924 – The Power Of The Yonko

After Luffy’s huge punch in One Piece chapter 922, and Big Mom’s poor performance from the last arc, the hype for the Yonko members slowed down. Others thought that Gear Fourth is enough to defeat Kaido (even in his Dragon Form). However, Gear Fourth was proven to be not enough to defeat Kaido because he defeated Luffy in one swing. Even though this event is a heavy blow for the Straw Hat and the anti-Kaido alliance, this could bring a most awaited reunion in One Piece chapter 924.

If the Straw Hats, Heart Pirates, and the remaining retainers from the Kozuki clan are alive, it is very likely that they will be heading on the base of the Heart Pirates to regroup. That way, they will avoid further pursuit from the other headliners. Shutenmaru’s stand in this things is still vague since he’s in neither Kaido nor in the anti-Kaido group. It is very unlikely that he will help the others hide.

Kaido will not likely kill Luffy in that state because he still wants to lure his allies into rescuing him. That will save him the work of seeking his allies because they will definitely save Luffy as he is important in the plan. In One Piece chapter 924, it is likely that they will detain him, and there’s a possibility that he will meet one of the rookies that fell into Kaido’s cells. We might see Eustass Kid, who is imprisoned by Kaido’s crew, in the next chapter. Hopefully, he will ally himself to the anti-Kaido group because he is a formidable member for the plan. We will see what happens to Luffy in the next chapter.

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