One Piece Chapter 924 Official Spoilers – End Of Wano Arc Part 1

Skechers x One Piece

The official spoilers for One Piece chapter 924 are finally out and it seems like up for another Luffy and Kidd team up in this arc. Kaido is still as unpredictable as ever in this chapter. What will happen to Kinemon’s plan? Will they still proceed without Luffy and the missing Zoro?

One Piece Chapter 924 – Luffy As  A Beast Pirate Member?

According to spoilers from Zoro4Prez2016, Law will attempt to save Luffy, but a Seastone nail rendered him useless. Hawkins will explain that craft makers from Wano are the original inventors of Seastones, and that Seastones are originally from Wano. Kaido will order his men to take Luffy as he plans to make him one of the Beast Pirates. But when his subordinates are closing to Luffy, they all started to collapse. Shutenmaru will notice it and will comment that Luffy has Lord Oden’s power. Kaido will comment that Kidd also has Haoshoku Haki. To start drinking again, Kaido disregarded Law and flew off.

Tsuru will tend the wounded in the Okobore town while Kinemon is just watching from afar. He will then notice Shutenmaru, who he will claim to be Ashura Douji. Meanwhile, Kiku will arrive in the ruined Oden Castle and will find out that everyone survived because Shinobu managed to dig a hole with his Juku Juku Bewitching Jutsu. It can also be remembered that Tama was attacked by Kaido in the last chapter but she will be saved by Inuarashi. Usopp, Franky, and Robin will read a paper with a horrified expression. It could mean that they knew Luffy was captured or their own faces are there and they’re being chased.

one piece chapter 924

Meanwhile, it is also confirmed in One Piece chapter 924 that Kidd and Luffy are in the same cage and is being treated as slaves to do some hard work. This is to break their wills and finally surrender to Kaido. But it seems like it is not the case as Luffy and Kidd will both say “We remember…Kaido…”

And that’s it for One Piece Chapter 924 spoilers. There will be a break next week so we will have to wait for one week more for chapter 925. The current chapter will be the end of the first part of the Wano Arc.


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