One Piece Chapter 921 Leaks and Spoilers -Two Weeks Before The Attack

One Piece surprised everyone when it introduced the Time Travelling Fruit a few chapters ago. Also, in the last chapter, we finally confirmed that Kozuki Oden and Kozuki Toki was killed. Kaido is about to face the alliance in Onigashima in the coming chapters. Are we expecting more plot twists and unexpected events? Will we see the other Straw Hats in One Piece chapter 921?

One Piece chapter 921 can start in a lot of ways and can pick up with a lot of points in the story. Kinnemon already told the others what really happened in the past, but the conversation was not shown. Zoro is still lost while it was not still shown what happened to Tama’s travel. A lot of things are going on in the Wano Country, and we can’t wait for the story to unveil before our eyes.

But we have to wait for another week for One Piece chapter 921 because the manga is on break this week. The next chapter might finally show what happened to the other Straw Hats who managed to infiltrate the Wano population. Their task is to gather some intel about Kaido and Orochi. It seems like they’re all aware of Kinnemon’s past based on Robin’s reaction.

One Piece chapter 921 raw

The long-awaited rematch between Jack and the Straw Hats is also one of the highest possible events that might occur during the two-week wait before the attack in Onigashima. If this is to happen, this will be a great blow for the plan whether they defeat Jack or not. Either way, once Jack and the Alliance meet, there’s no way Kaido or Orochi will not know about this. Hawkins also called someone, and that someone might be Kaido or another headliner. There’s no way that Orochi will ignore this because he’s paranoid in Toki’s curse.

And last but not the least, this might be not in the great importance as of now, but two outside forces are also expected to come in the Wano: Big Mom and the Marines. With the look of things, another Marineford battle is brewing up, and the Straw Hat Pirates are in the center of this. One Piece chapter 921 might be too early for other outside forces’ involvement, but it is worth mentioning. Who knows, that two-week wait in the manga might be a year worth of chapter in real life,

One Piece 921 confirmed leaks will be coming out next week on Wednesday.

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