‘One Piece’ Chapter 920 – The Nine Samurais Of Oden

The confirmed time travel shook the whole One Piece community last week. Who would’ve thought that Oda will use a plot twist such as Time Travel in his story? But because of this, the story is now on fire as we wait for this week’s One Piece chapter 920 for revelations from Kinnemon. How did they travel from the past to the future and is Oden’s wife curse amounts to something?

One Piece Chapter 920 – Pedro And His Dawn

If there’s one person who got himself involved too much in this “dawn of the world,” that would be Pedro. He even sacrificed himself to let the Straw Hats escape Whole Cake Island. He deemed that Luffy and his crew are the people who will bring the dawn in this world. It turns out that Oden’s wife’s curse is all about nine shadows that will appear 20 years after the curse has been said.

A lot of people in the fandom is speculating that the nine shadows are in fact the whole Straw Hat Pirates who happened to be there after twenty years. But there are people who believe that the nine samurais include the Supernovas who, just like the Straw Hats, happened to be there. But because of Pedro’s insight into how important the Straw Hats are in this “dawn of the world,” it is possible that the crew will be bringing a big change not only in the Wano but the whole world this arc.

What would happen if the dawn of the world arrives? Maybe Kinnemon will explain more about this and everything else in One Piece chapter 920. Hopefully, he who is involved directly on this mystery can answer every question that we have.

One Piece Chapter 920 – Shogun Orochi’s Reveal?

One Piece chapter 920 is about the perfect time that Orochi will be revealed in the story. He has a reason to keep the Wano closed and planting wrong ideas to the children of Wano. Because the more he closes the border, the more he is keeping himself safe. Now that Luffy and Zoro did the closest thing to rebellion, this will set all the alarms for him.

And for some reason, Zoro disappeared before their arrival in Oden’s castle. Did he just actually lost or did someone happened to him? Some say that Jack is the one who got him, but such a strong presence cannot be left undetected by at least Luffy or Kiku. Is there a new player in this game? We will all know in One Piece chapter 920.

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