One Piece Chapter 920 Leaks Are Out – Oden’s Wife Real Identity Revealed

In the previous chapters, we were slowly given information about Kozuki Oden’s wife. Her identity is one of the most mysterious things in this arc right now, especially that she is the one who set the curse to Orochi. Finally, after a lot of speculations, Mrs. Kozuki’s real identity is finally revealed in One Piece chapter 920.

One Piece Chapter 920 – The Legend Of The Time Travel

With the existence of Time Travel, we now know that everything can happen in the world of One Piece. Kinnemon confirmed in the previous chapter that he, Momonosuke, Raizo, Kiku, and Kanjuro were all from Wano 20 years ago. The fandom has been trying to know what how Time Travel was possible; it will be revealed in One Piece chapter 920.

It will be revealed that Mrs. Kozuki is Kozuki Toki, someone who has been rumored to have traveled from the past to the present Wano 20 years ago. She was actually the one who sent the Momonosuke and co. from the past to the future with the power of Toki Toki no Mi which is translated by the handy Google Translator as Time Time Fruit.

The “prophecy” in which Orochi is afraid of might actually be the future that Toki has seen by her power. Kinnemon also mentioned that the nine shadows that will fulfill the prophecy would have a moon scar in their ankle.

Kozuki Oden’s backstory will also be told by Kinnemon. It will be revealed that Oden is actually a son of Shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki. He is the black sheep of the family because of his violent nature, so he was not permitted in the Flower Capital. There were also parts of the Wano that are called “Lawless,” and those parts are actually Kuri. When Oden defeated Ashura Douji, the most powerful man in the lawless land, he started building towns and gave a job to the people. He was given the titled “Daimyo of Kuri” by Sukiyaki.

According to also to Kinnemon, when they came to the scene in Oden’s castle 20 years ago, the castle has already been destroyed. Inside it were Kozuki Oden, Momonosuke and his sister Hiyori.

Meanwhile, Inuarashi was seen on the beach in Kuri. There is also a new character called Jibuemon who has been waiting for Momonosuke and co. for 20 years. Kaido and his men are planning to invade Onigashima Island. And that’s it for One Piece Chapter 200 spoilers. There will also be a break so there would be no new chapter next week.

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