One Piece Chapter 918 – Is Shutenmaru Related To Heart Pirates?

In the last chapter of One Piece, it was revealed that Luffy can one-shot a headliner as strong as Holdem. Law and Hawkins also started their battle, with Hawkins not knowing who Law is. With Speed revealed, she is also expected to be one tough opponent, but she’s not. Zoro can outmaneuver her even with his 350 degrees vision. In One Piece chapter 918, a calamity might be brewing and is coming to Luffy and the others.

One Piece Chapter 918 – Struggled Escape

Speed was introduced in the last chapter, but we haven’t seen her use her power yet, except his 350 degrees of vision. It was seen that Speed uses a bow and arrow, which is expected to be used in One Piece Chapter 918. Speed might have a showdown vs Zoro as she tries to stop them with is accurate archer power. However, Zoro will just deflect them with one of his swords. If they are not chased back after, the next scene will be set into Hawkins and Law’s battle. This is where things will get escalated.

One Piece Chapter 918
One Piece Chapter 918 Zoro and Law – Art by UltiMaL from Devianart

With Komainu in tow of the provisions, they don’t have any time to stop. But at the gates, they will encounter Hawkins and a swordsman unknown to them. Well, Zoro might recognize the sword and deduce that the man with a face covering is in fact, Law. Law can use his ability to tag along Komainu and go back to the village. Or perhaps, there’s another way to interrupt Hawkins and Law’s fight.

Shutenmaru’s Real Identity

Shutenmaru is the leader of the bandits and thieves that opposes Orochi and openly steals food from the farm. And it was revealed in the previous chapters that O-Kiku is relatively new in the Leftover Town. In the last chapter itself, the mention of Shutenmaru’s name causes Kiku to warn Luffy and tell him to be careful not to anger the headliners. Is this because this Shutenmaru is someone that she knows?

Since Kiku only moved from the town a few weeks ago, and it seems like Law and the Heart Pirates just moved in the same date as her, it might be possible that she knows them. We will know if Shutenmaru is in fact Law in One Piece chapter 918.

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