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One Piece Chapter 1053 Release Date: New Admiral And New Bounties!

One Piece Chapter 1053 Release Date Details
One Piece Chapter 1053 Release Date Details

Before One Piece goes on a month’s break for the preparation of the final saga, we are going to have one more chapter, and that is One Piece Chapter 1053. And boy, the hype for the last chapter of One Piece before it takes a one-month hiatus is really crazy. Mind you, the last three chapters of One Piece and including the new one, came every week without any break. We thought it was suspicious that Oda-sensei has been dropping chapters back to back without any breaks. Well, there he goes taking a month’s hiatus to prepare for the final Saga of the One Piece.

Anyways, let’s talk about the chapter that is about to come before the break. One Piece Chapter 1052 skipped time of a week in an instant. Wano was a crazy arc-telling tale of a single night for years. With time in a skip in Wano, there came news of deaths and bounties. Furthermore, Nico Robin, who apparently is shining in the One Piece anime currently, is nowhere to be seen in the latest chapter. Is she kidnapped by the CP0? And, of course, Admiral Ryokugyu is on his way to Wano alone.

Well, let’s discuss the events that may take in the One Piece Chapter 1053 in this post. Furthermore, we will also be giving you the release date and where you can watch it once it is released. Without any further ado, let’s dig into it.

One Piece Chapter 1052 Recap

One Piece Chapter 1052, which was released recently and was one of the chapters we were looking forward to after a battle that we have been reading for years. A nice calm chapter with 2-3 twists that have got us excited. The title of the chapter was “New Morning”. We had a quick look at the Five Elders who were worried about the emergence of the Sun God Nika, aka Joyboy, and now Luffy. Furthermore, we also saw them discussing the abduction of Nico Robin with CP0. And in the whole chapter, she was nowhere to be seen. That is one of the concerns of the fans.

Hawkins and Drake had a little conversation about their pride. Hawkins fell after he spoke with him. Did he die? We don’t know if he died or not, but that is another concern. Then we have the time skip of Seven days. Everyone in Wano is still celebrating and awaiting one more festival as Momo said he would do. Kawamatsu and Kinemon with Marco talked about resting on the Eternal grave with legendary figures like Ryuma and Oden after their deaths. It became clear in the chapter that Izo and Ashura also died.

One Piece Chapter 1052 - Recap

Double spread page from One Piece chapter 1052

Luffy and Zoro finally woke up, and they had a mini banquet with the gang. At the Toki port, Appo brought the newspapers that contained their new bounties and the names of the new emperors. Finally, another exciting event was when Admiral Ryokugyu came to Wano alone.

One Piece Chapter 1053 Expectations

There are a lot of questions to be answered in One Piece Chapter 1053 before it goes on a month’s hiatus. I mean, if Oda leaves us hanging by a thread, many One Piece will start to cry, including me. The first thing that we are expecting to see is the new bounties of the straw hats as well as the other Worst Generations like Kid, Law, and Killer. We are expecting Luffy’s bounty to be the highest and deemed as the new emperor. Fingers crossed on seeing the new bounties. Whereabouts of Nico Robin. Is this how Oda going to start the final saga? With straw hats getting back Robin?

One Piece Chapter 1053 Expectations

New Bounties

Well, for that, we will have to for the chapter to be released. And the last thing we are expecting to see is Ryokugyu’s face. It’s always exciting when a new character who is going to be one of the main in the later saga appears. A lot of fans on the internet are relating Ryokugyu to Wano. Some are even saying that he is Zoro’s father. Well, until the chapter is released, all we can do is theorize and wait. But when will the One Piece chapter 1053 be released? Read below to find out.

One Piece Chapter 1053 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1053 will be back on the upcoming Sunday, 19th June 2022. A lot of questions will be answered, or it will take another twist. Check that out in One Piece Chapter 1053.

Read One Piece Chapter 1053 Online

You can read the chapter for free on Viz media’s website once it is released, along with the last three and first three chapters.

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