One Piece Chapter 1048 Raw Scans: The Reign Of ’20 Years’!

One piece chapter 1048
One piece chapter 1048 Raw Scans

After two weeks, the raw scans for the One Piece Chapter 1048 are out, and with another chapter, the fight gets intense. Oda had initially planned to finish One Piece in five years. The manga started in 1997, so according to Oda Sensei’s analysis, the manga was supposed to end in 2002. Can you believe it? Twenty years later, we are still reading the great tale he is writing and illustrating. And this July, the manga will complete 25 years of serialization. That is just insane. Was there any other story that has been going on for 25 years? Not according to my knowledge.

Oda Sensei said in an interview that he wanted to draw everything he thought of. He wanted the reader to see One Piece as he was looking at it. This is exactly what Chapter 1048 of One Piece is doing. As much eager as we are to see this fight come to an end, the little things that are going on besides the main battle between Luffy and Kaido are the ones that represent the motive behind the battle. All the Samurai’s cries and their motives say that this is not just to represent Luffy’s fight with another villain. The stakes behind the fight are more than that. It is about defeating the long reign of “20 years” on Wano and taking down the strongest beast on the planet.

The One Piece Chapter 1048 showed the motives behind all the reasons to free Wano beautifully yet again. So without further ado, let’s dive into the raw scans and the spoilers for Chapter 1048 of One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1048 Raw Scans

As usual, One Piece Chapter 1048 returns with the cover page. The cover page illustrates Cracker and Brûlée. The siblings are concerned about the Germa invasion. Whereas the title of the chapter says “20 years”. The chapters began where they left off last time. Luffy is shouting and asking Momo to move Onigashima out of the way. While Momo says that he won’t be able to move Onigashima, he still gives his best to move it out of the way.

Kaidou’s new form

Just as Luffy’s gigantic punch is approaching Kaidou, he does not seem afraid. After all, he is the strongest beast on the planet. Kaidou says that he will take his punch head-on. Fire and steam come out of his mouth, and Kaidou yet again shows his new form. Kaidou’s whole body is engaged in the fire, and it is called “The Flaming Drum Dragon”. His body is so hot that anything Kaidou touches it melts even the longhorn on Onigashima melts with just a mere touch from Kaido’s tail.

Luffy’s Bajrang Gun Vs Kaidou’s Blazing Bagua

This is the main highlight of the chapter. Kaidou says that Luffy’s punch won’t come crashing down because he will vaporize it with his fire. However, Luffy is planning to knock out Kaido without even touching him with a technique he was taught by Hyogoro. As Luffy’s new move Bajrang Gun (referring to the Monkey God “Bajrang Bali”) and Kaidou’s move Blazing Bagua approaches each other, Haki’s clash between them is unlike before. This will continue in the next chapter as well.

One piece chapter 1048 Luffy VS Kaidou
Luffy Vs Kaidou

“20 years”

Meanwhile, in the interior castle, the Akazaya are unconscious. Ussop is trying to help get everyone outside. Samurai and Pirates alike are cheering for Luffy to take down Kaidou. With a close shot of Kawamatsu, we go back to 20 years when Oden was dying, and the Akazaya were fleeing away. In Chapter 1048 of One Piece, the past shows a different side of Wano country. Not only the Akazaya but the Daimyo of the Wano country were honorably fighting Kaidou and Orochi. The Daimyo refused to side with Kaidou and Orochi and died an honorable death.

Orochi’s Death

Orochi is still burning, and he intends to take Komurasaki with him. He is transformed into his snake form and approaches Komurasaki. Denjiro comes into the scene and cuts off Orochi’s head, and hugs Komurasaki. The chapter ends with wishes written on the lantern that flies away. The wishes on the lantern say, “Make Orochi Disappper,” “Free us from this Hell,” and “Give me a sip of water”.

Wishes from One piece chapter 1048
Wishes Wano country people

Where To Read One Piece Chapter 1048?

One Piece Chapter 1048 will be out this Sunday, May 8, 2022. You can read the One Piece Chapter 1048 for free on Viz and Mangaplus websites. You can read the first three chapters and the latest three chapters for free on both websites.

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