One Piece Chapter 1042: Luffy Gets Brutally Wounded

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Luffy Gets Brutally Wounded
Kaidou vs Luffy

With One Piece Chapter 1042 spoilers already surfacing, we managed to get a short summary of the overall chapter. It looks like things will finally get to the end as Kaidou and Luffy go all out on their battle. We have had a little build-up to this fight, and we already know what is happening in the background as the world government has ordered its agents to kill Luffy.

We did not expect things to turn out like this, as in the end, it looks like the battle on the rooftop will take an unexpected turn. For now, we are yet to get full details as it looks like Luffy gets brutally wounded towards the end.

This happened because the CP0 agent who was ordered to kill Luffy finally made it to the rooftop. We don’t know fluffy as someone who gets distracted easily in a battle, and even though we know that Kaidou is corny, we did not expect him to sneak a moment like this that would give him a huge advantage.

Is Luffy Defeated?

At the moment, we are not really sure how Kaidou feels about this due to his erratic behavior, where he has different modes as he fights. We have seen his drunken mode where he cries, and then in a short space of time, he shifts to normal then to serious and continues the fight as if nothing happened. With Big Mom recently defeated, we finally see that Kaidou does not want to meet the same end. But we did not know that he would stoop so low as to use a distraction against Luffy to deal a fatal wound to him.

In the last chapter, Luffy revealed that he would be going fourth gear one last time and attack Kaidou until he runs out of energy. So we expected One Piece chapter 1041 to be a one on one showdown until the end. Unfortunately, it looks like Luffy might not win this fight after all as he was fatally wounded while Kaido seems to be doing fine. But soon, we will find out if Luffy is really defeated or if he will survive.

Luffy Gets Brutally Wounded
Luffy Defeated

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