One Piece Chapter 1038 Spoilers: The Challenge of Big Mom

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Zunesha from One Piece

One Piece manga is red hot right now and it’s on a point where nothing can be predicted beforehand. The deadly battle between the Emperor and the captain of the Straw Hats is on a very intense stage and it seems like both of them are experiencing the most intense battle of their life. Recently, We have got some manga leaks from the upcoming One Piece chapter and these leaks turned the fans upside down. Within these leaks, We saw something that definitely needs to be discussed properly. In this article, We are going to talk about everything we need to know about the upcoming chapter so make sure to read this article till the end.

One Piece is a Japanese manga-based anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and animated by the Japanese animation company, Toei animations. Toei is famous for its high-end projects like Dragon Ball, Digimon, etc. One Piece is the story of an unknown treasure and pirates who sail through the oceans to find the treasure and to know world history. One Piece has tons of interesting characters having their own story and reasons to become either Marines or Pirates. Our main protagonist Luffy ate Gomu Gomu no Mi accidentally which allows him to extend his body parts like Rubber. There are many things in One Piece aside from the extreme battle including, Mysteries, Treasures and lots of comedy. Now come to our main topic.

One Piece Chapter 1037 Recap:

First, let’s see the recap of the previous chapter so we can understand the upcoming scenes with a broad range. In chapter 1037, We saw Onigashima is making its way towards the flower capital and Kaidou returns to its human form after a fierce battle with Luffy. Kaidou started drinking alcohol and it finally acknowledged Luffy as a worthy opponent. It seems like he is enjoying the battle and finally, he found someone after Oden as a guy who can stand against him. Luffy got annoyed by his nature and attacks him with him Gomu Gomu no attack however Kaidou firmly stood there as he was enjoying everything. He easily evades the Luffy attack and slams him toward the ground using his hybrid form. Luffy again charged him by Gomu Gomu no Gattling but Kaidou easily evades again his attack using Gundari: Meteor Shower.

And now here comes the catch. We finally saw five elders discussing the Wano battle consequences and its impact on world history. However, everything is vague at this point in time and we do not actually know what five elders actually want. It seems like they were talking about a certain shadow (Zunesha) and a mysterious devil fruit. And here, Chapter came to an end.

One Piece Chapter 1038 Spoilers
Vivi from One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1038: Spoilers

As we saw a major thing in Chapter 1037, The next chapter is one of the most anticipated chapters of One Piece so far. Now let’s talk about all the spoilers of the upcoming One Piece manga chapter.

  • Kid & Law vs Big Mom: In the upcoming chapter, We are going to witness the fierce battle between the two candidates of the worst generation and the emperor of the sea, Big Mom. We are not sure whether it will be a conclusive fight or not but we can expect some hard-core action.
  • The Exhilarating Cover Page: The cover page shows Yonji and Nijji trapped in Mont d’Or Creature’s book. The same book which captured Luffy in Whole Cake Island Arc. Charlotte Mont d’Or is the subordinate of Big Mom and a very important member of Big Mom Kaizoku.
  • Zoro’s Fate On Verge: Zoro is not in the best condition right now and after a deadly battle with King, Zoro might experience some deadly aftereffects. Chopper is very conscious about the counter-effects of mink’s medicine and a large grim-reaper appears in Zoro’s memory.
  • CP0 Is Still A Mystery: If you were waiting for some major reveal about CP0 you might get disappointed with this chapter. CP0 is shown for a very short time and even sidelined for the time being. Their presence in Wano might be a big reveal for the chapters to come. Izou tried her best to stop them but it seems a little complicated task to accomplish.
  • Again Big Mom vs Law & Kid: In the final pages, We saw Big Mom, Law and Kid engaged in battle and it can fairly seem that Big Mom has the upper hand in the battle. Both the Kaizoku of Worst Generation is not in good shape but comment ” Listen, old lady!! Even if we die, we won’t let you get to the roof!!” to Big Mom which is a solid statement in itself.

These were the spoilers of the upcoming One Piece Chapter which is scheduled to release on 30 January 2022 at Midnight in Japan.

One Piece chapter 1038 spoilers
one piece Wano Kuni

Where To Read One Piece Manga?

Now last but not least, Where To Read One Piece Manga? There are many websites to read the manga but you can read it officially on the Viz website. This website allows you to read the manga as soon as it releases in Japan. There are thousands of other manga which you can read and enjoy. Undoubtedly this platform is heaven for Manga lovers. We at Otakukart highly motivate everyone to use only legal platforms as it helps creators financially and encourages them to continue doing the good work.

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