One Piece Chapter 1029: Release Date, Raw Leaks & Recap

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One Piece Chapter 1029
One Piece

One Piece Chapter 1029 will get delayed, but the spoilers for chapter 1028 are out. The latest chapter focuses on the CP0 and Sanji vs. Queen. Sanji vs. Queen begins with One Piece’s latest chapter, where it begins in the Onigashima’s castle guest room. One Piece reveals Sanji’s new powers as he clashed with the Queen. The spoilers came out early since the manga is taking a break. From the latest One Piece Chapter, the CP0 receives a call and talk with Den Den Mushi. The boss talked with a mysterious guy, and they learned about the new dragon that appeared thinks Vegapunk’s fruit caused it.

The chapter title: “Brachiojaurus-Brachio Snake,” begins with the CP0’s boss talking with an unknown guy. They realize that Straw Hat Luffy is with a pink dragon, and they are Kaidou’s enemy. The unknown guy reveals about the World Government joining the battle, and they are on their way to Wanokuni. He wonders if Kaidou is losing. They talked about the ships that he saw and confirmed that World Government sent them. Cut to the battle analysis; they reveal thirty thousand Kaidou’s army vs. 5400 Samurai’s army to twelve thousand Kaidou’s army vs. eight thousand Samurai.

CP0’s boss told the unknown gut that he never imagined Kadou losing this battle, and it was getting interesting. The unknown guy is revealed to be Rob Lucci, who is with Kaku and Stussy. The trio talked about the Straw Hat Pirates and Nico Robin since her existence is the key for the pirates. On the other side, Robin is helping Brook inside Onigashima’s castle. The Onigashima has five minutes before destroying the Flower Capital. Momonosuke is trying to stop the Onoigashima, but his Flame Cloud is small.

Previously on One Piece Chapter 1028

Yamato transforms into Hybrid Form, and she is trying to help Momonosuke. The Heart Pirates are shocked to see Yamato in that form. At the Live Floor, Queen vs. Sanji continues, and Queen is in the Hybrid form. He released an attack called “Brypan: Coming Wind Fist and used it against Sanji, who managed to jump. But Sanji got hit by a send blow and fell on top of rocks. Queen is angry that Sanji is not showing the Germa powers and tells him to use Germa 66 battle suit. Sanji ignored him and heard Chopper calling him.

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One Piece Chapter 1029
One Piece

Queen realizes that Sanji used the Germa 66 in a duel with  King, making Sanji vanish. Sanji gets up and feels something within his body. Queen unleashes “Black Coffee,” and Sanji uses “Diable Jambe-Bien Cuit: Grill Shot” that huts Queen’s bell and sends him away. Queen returns, and Sanji realizes that Queen is a formidable dinosaur. He decides to unleash the powers of supreme beings that ruled the world 100 million years ago. Queen managed to trap Sanji using “Brachiojauru: Brachio Snake.”

Sanji realizes he is trapped, and Queen squeezes him, saying that no one can escape his Brachiotoguros. The Samurai notice that Sanji is in pain and wonders how they can help him. Queen thinks that Sanji will run out of options and releases Germa 66 powers. He punishes Sanji using Brachio Launchers and breaks his leg. Chopper wonders if Sanji is okay, and the Samurai called him Sangoro-san. New powers get awakened in Sanji’s body, and he wonders if he will transform like them. Queen comments that Sanji is a brat and strikes him, but Sanji’s body gets healed. Queen is surprised to see his sword broken after hitting Sanji.

One Piece Chapter 1029 Release Date

One Piece-Chapter 1029 will be released on 17 October 2021. Sanji refused to use Germa 66 powers and said he didn’t want to be a monster. Queen is shocked to see Sanji’s body getting restored. The color spread revealed Luffy with his fists and hair on fire, Zoro: The Legend of Zelda saga, Chopper dressed like a monkey, and many more. The Onigashima battles continue in the next chapter of One Piece. Let’s look at One Piece Chapter 1029 official details below.

One Piece Chapter 1029
One Piece

Read One Piece Chapter 1029 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read One Piece-Chapter 1029 online on VIZ Media’s official website on Sunday at 18:00 JST. One Piece Manga is serialized on Shueisha’s online magazine, Shonen Jump+, and releases three-chapter consecutively, then takes a weekly break. One Piece Chapter 1029 is getting delayed by a week. This manga releases its new chapters an hour before in Shueisha’s online magazine. Let’s meet when the One Piece Chapter 1029 spoilers releases.

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