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One Piece Chapter 1025: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

One Piece Chapter 1025 will mark yet another milestone in the Wano arc as we will get to see how things will be going on the rooftop fight. We managed to get updates from every other fight in Onigashima and ended up with the situation at Kaidou vs. Yamato. 

Based on where chapter 1024 left us, then if things continue in this manner, then we might get a chapter fully focused on Yamato and Kaidou. At this point, it looks like we managed to see everything about Yamato’s past, and there could not be more delays as the father and daughter continue with their fight. 

Earlier in the year, we also got to see a bit of Kaidou’s backstory. But it’s likely that there is still more of it to come, so this might drag on for a while, be it sooner or later. Kaidou also revealed that he is in Onigashima for a reason. And with Luffy and Momonosuke on their way to relive Yamato, they e might get to know more about Kaidou’s reason for being in Wano as the fight continues. 

It looks like the final battles near as every other fights have already reached their peak. Big Mom is also taking things seriously on her end, while Kaidou intends to take Yamato out for good as he sees this as more than just a family quarrel. 

One Piece Chapter 1024 will officially release this weekend, and there will not be any interruptions, so we will get the next chapter without any delays as usual. The spoilers for the latest chapter have been fully released, including the raw scans, so soon, we will look at the highlights of the upcoming chapters.

Kidd and Killer

Kidd and Killer

One Piece Chapter 1024 Highlights

With Momonosuke finally transforming into a dragon and taking Luffy back to Onigashima. The countdown to the end of this raid might have just started. We got to know that only 15 minutes left for Onigashima to reach the flower capital. At this point, it looks like Kaidou intends to destroy it, so if Luffy wants to save everyone there, he would have to defeat Kaidou within the next 15 minutes. 

At this point, it is not yet clear what Kaidou intends to do after he destroys the flower capital. But he has spoken about his new Onigashima project, so the destruction of the flower capital might be the beginning of it. 

The highlights from other battlefields have shown how things have turned in the Samurai’s favor as Kaidou’s side continues to lose in numbers. The Tobiroppo have been defeated, and now only the All-Stars and the low ranking beast pirates remain to save for Hawkins and Fukurokuju, but they are facing worthy opponents as well. 

We didn’t get many updates from Law and Kidd vs. Big Mom’s side, and the last time we saw them, Kid was suffering due to Hawkin’s straw powers. The outcome of Killer vs. Hawkins will also be crucial in determining the outcome of Big Mom’s battle, but at this point, we don’t know what Killer will do as he has just realized that if he kills Hawkins, then Kidd dies as well. 

Lastly, we got the updates from the big fight at the top. Yamato seems to be evenly matched against Kaidou as she waits for Luffy to rejoin the battle. With Luffy already on his way, then it won’t take him that long till he reaches where Kaidou is.

At this moment, it is a bit difficult to know what will come in the next chapter, but so far, the highlight of the moment is what has just happened on the rooftop as we finally got to see how things are going after a while.

One Piece Chapter 1025 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1025 will be released on 12 September 2021. This will be the second chapter of the month and will be the last one before we head into a one-week break. Then the manga will continue from the 24th, when we get the last chapter for the month. Hopefully, by then, we would have seen a lot from the ongoing war. But at this moment, let’s wait and see what chapter 1025 will bring.

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