One Piece Chapter 1024: Release Date & Highlights

The battle against Kadou on the rooftop looms closer in One Piece chapter 1024, with Luffy fully recovered and on his way to challenge Kaidou once again. The last chapter of the manga saw Zorro making a dramatic comeback and tam up with Sanji to take on Queen and King on a 2 v 2 battle. There will be a lot of interesting battles along the way as we managed to see what’s happening on each battlefront.

With the Tobiropp-o defeated, this means we have moved on to the next level of fighting as only the strongest of the fighters remain standing. The latest chapter, which will be officially released within a day, has a lot of content and covered all of the battles except for the one on the rooftop.

This means that it’s likely that the next chapter will mostly focus on the battle at the rooftop. Soon we will look at the chapter summary for One Piece Chapter 1023 and see how things will develop. Taking a look back at the manga scheduled for August, the chapters have been filled with a lot of action despite the recent break that affected the chapter schedule.

So with all of the obstacles out of the way, for now, things should be smooth for September, with only one break expected. A lot would have happened by then, and it looks like things will start on the rooftop once again. Momonosuke is also going back to face Kaidou, so it would be interesting to finally see the role that he will play together with Yamato, who is currently keeping Kaidou at bay.

Most of the straw hats faced the Tobiroppo and have emerged with minor injuries, so it’s likely they will be playing a supporting role in the meantime.


One Piece Chapter 1023 Summary

One Piece chapter 1023 is filled with lots of major developments, so if you haven’t checked it out yet, we will be heading directly into spoilers territory, so you might want to proceed with caution. Looking at the latest spoilers for this weekend’s chapter, we managed to see Zorro and Sanji knock King and Queen down.

But as the all-stars who are second only to Kaidou within the beast pirates, this was not enough to defeat them, so it only marked the beginning of their fight. We got to know that King is from the Lunaria race, a race of gods who once lived atop the redline before Marie Geoise’s times. When Big Mom met King for the first time, she expressed that he was the last survivor of their race, so there isn’t anyone else like King out there.

Queen revealed that he is the kind of cyborg that not even Vegapunk can create. So we now know that Queen is the ultimate modified human with an ancient Zoan devil fruit. Sanji’s fire-powered kicks could not even scratch him, so this one will also be a tough battle.

On the other hand, Zoro’s sword assaults do little to no damage against King. At this point, it is not yet clear who’s got the upper hand, so all of them appeared evenly matched. One interesting thing to note is that this will be a 2 v 2 battle instead of 1 v 1 because King and Queen will attack either Zoro or Sanji whenever they get the chance.

We also got updates from other battlefronts, including Nekomamushi vs. Perospero, Inuarashi vs. Hybrid form Jack, Fukurokuju vs. Raizo. Towards the end, we saw adult Momonnosuke ready to take Luffy to the rooftop. The chapter ended with Luffy and Momonosuke, who managed to turn into a giant dragon this time thanks to Shinobu’s powers, leaving to face Kaidou.

One Piece Chapter 1024 Release Date

One Piece chapter 1024 will be released on 5 September 2021. This will be the first chapter for the month, so we will be looking forward to seeing what it will bring with it. The manga will continue with Sunday releases of new chapters without interruptions.

The next manga break is expected after One Piece chapter 1024. So this means that for the weekend of 12 August, there will be no One Piece chapter release.