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What To Expect From One Piece Chapter 1020?

One Piece

Update One Piece 1020 Spoilers: 

The current One Piece chapter is titled Robin Vs Black Maria, and it will also reveal the name of Yamato’s devil fruit, which is inu-inu no mi model “Oguchi no Makami”.

Black Maria uses some sort of illusions to attack Brook and Robin, but Robin attacks them and they turn out to be Black Maria’s subordinates.

We also get to know that Black Maria’s weapon has eaten a SMILE devil fruit called “Wanyudo”. Brook attacks “Wanyudo” which is the weapon of Black Maria with his attack “Cold Soul”.

Black Maria laughs at Sanji for crying over her for help. and to which Robin replies that  “What it means for Sanji to depend on me is not something you should understand.

We will be adding further spoilers as we have it. You can now read One Piece 1020 Spoilers.

One Piece Manga will take a weekly break after chapter 1019. The war in Onigashima is far from over since new faces keep on arriving. One Piece has drifted in Who’s Who battle with Jinbei and reveals the true powers behind different enemies and Samurais. The hybrid form of Luffy, Queen, Kaido, and Who’s Who also got shown in the last chapters. With the ongoing war on the other side of Onigashima, it still difficult to know the issues with Luffy. Let’s look at the recent updates of One Piece Manga below.

From the last chapter of One Piece, we saw Who’s Who vs. Jinbe; the two had an intense battle as they change powerful blows and new techniques. Who’s Who realizes that Luffy hat belongs to Shanks and behind to mock Shanks for gifting Luffy the legendary hat. He curses Shanks that he stole the Gomu Gomu no Mi, and it ends up getting swallowed by a brat. Shanks had no problem with Luffy, who ate the Devil Fruit that he stole even though his plans didn’t work.

Who’s Who gets furious, realizing that Devil Fruit was essential, and he begins talking about Shanks hat and wants to know why Shanks gave the hat to Luffy. Who’s Who had a flashback when he got jailed and heard the Legendary Warrior story called Sun God. The guards narrate the Legendary Story to Who’s Who that is related to slaves. The Legendary tale changed Who’s Who life who got motivated to survive inside hell. Who’s Who realizes that the Legendary story helps him escape the prison.

One Piece Chapter 1019 Highlights

Who’s Who begins to like the guy who told him the tale that changed his life. But that guy vanished, and Who’s Who has no clue who told him that story. The chapter title is “Heliceratops.” The battle between the two continues as Who’s Who insists on knowing from the former and ex-slave captain of the Sun Pirates, Jinbei, about Legendary Sun God. Jinbei unleashes a powerful blow intending to smash Who’s Who. Meanwhile, Sanji vs. Queen continues.

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The chapter begins with the two fightings, and Zoro has received a recovery injection that will bring him back to action. At the same time, the captain of the Straw Hat, Luffy, recovers and finds himself inside the Heart Pirates submarine after he wakes up. Luffy looks around and shouts, “Nikuuuuu!!!” which means meat. On the other side, Franky vs. Sasaki begins, and Sanji comments on Franky that he will be interested in Queen’s tech.

One Piece

One Piece

Yamato’s Devil Fruit

Franky unleashes Radical Beam and uses it against Sasaki, who ate that blow as the battle continued. Sasaki also releases Heliceratops to counterattack Franky’s strikes. The brawl between the two won’t take that long since they are about to knock each other out. The winner will get decided soon as Kaido vs. Yamato still takes place. Yamato unleashes her hybrid form that surprised Kaido. The family duel continues as Yamato fight to survive until her idol Luffy arrives.

The two talked about the Devil Fruit, and Kaido comments that it was difficult for him to get the Devil Fruit that Yamato swallowed.  It got revealed that Yamato didn’t know what she was eating and ate the Devil Fruit because of hunger. But Kaido didn’t give it to her, and the two continue to clash with massive hits. Yamato’s face begins to change as it closes up. The chapter ends with Kaido and Yamato showdown. This battle will be interesting since Yamato has gained new powers that allow her to stand with Kaido.

Luffy’s matter will get revealed soon as he wakes up and first thinks about eating meat to gain stamina for a rematch with Kaido. Who’s Who is doubting himself since Jinbei is proving to be more powerful and dominating the battle. Zoro is about to recover fully, and we will find out what he will do next or help Sanji battle with Queen. The fight in Onigashima has become an interesting one since both sides are facing a worthy opponent. Let’s meet when new spoilers releases.

One Piece Chapter 1020 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1020 release date is 1 August 2020. You can get the latest chapters of One Piece Manga officially on VIZ. Also Read: One Piece Chapter 1019 Spoilers: What Is Yamato’s Hybrid Form? The spoilers of the upcoming chapter 1020 will release soon since the Manga is taking a weakly break.

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