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One Piece Chapter 1009: Everything You Need To Know

One Piece

One Piece has just recently with a new chapter entitled Ashura Doji, Head of The Mount Atama Bandits.  On the cover, Robin is seen helping a horse to fly like a pegasus. Oden has just appeared in front of The Red Scabbards, and he told them he couldn’t blame them for being surprised. Oden reveals that he was sent into the future by Toki’s powers, and he will explain everything later since it is a long story. Kikunojo, Kin’emon, and Nekomamushi call out Oden’s name while shedding tears.

Oden put one of his Katana on top of his shoulder and told them they would celebrate their reunion later. He apologized that they failed to defeat Kaido in the past, and he has arrived late. He told them that is another opportunity to take Kaido down. Nekomamushi continues to shed tears while supporting Oden’s statement. Kawamatsu told Oden that he could count on them, and Ashura Doji told his allies not to get carried away since this guy might be an imposter.

One Piece 1009 Spoilers are out.

In the present day, Orochi was trying to flee, and he encounters The Red Scabbards. But he noticed that they are injured, and he considers the weaklings. Orochi smiles, thinking that the tides are in his favor; he gained confidence that injured weaklings can’t beat him. He vows that he will thrash The Red Scabbards and walk away with the victory.

The intense battle between The Red Scabbards and Orochi began. Orochi started to receive massive blows. He was stunned by The Red Scabbards’ fighting skills. He wonders where they are getting stamina to fight since they are severely injured. But it didn’t take long for the battle to end. The samurai smashes Orochi and slice him, and they thought that they had finished him. But he was half-dead, and he regenarate and transform into his six-headed monster’s beast.

The Red Scabbards realize that fighting with Orochi is a waste of time. He is also not a worthy opponent since they can kill him multiple times. But Fukurokuju attempts to clash with The Red Scabbards. Meanwhile, at Onigashima, the fierce battle continues. It’s two Beats Pirates against three captains and one swordsman. Captain Kid asks Trafalgar Law if he can separate Kaido and Big Mom using his powers. Law replies that if it was possible, he would have done it a long time ago. You can read full spoilers here: Read One Piece Chapter 1009 Spoilers Via Reddit: Orochi vs Red Scabbards

One Piece Chapter 1008 Highlights

Kin’emon told Ashura that this is Oden; he is in front of them, and Raizo reminds Kin’emon about what Toki has revealed to them. Kin’emon realizes that they were told that it is impossible to go to the past.  He thinks that Toki’s powers can only teleport a person forward in time and wonders why Oden is here in the future. Ashura started to get excited and comment that he understands. He warns Kin’emon to be careful and not get fooled.

Oden’s Fake Identity

One Piece

One Piece

Ashura unleashes his sword and attacks Oden; he proves that Oden doesn’t bleed. He insists that the Oden in front of them is not real. Kawamatsu wonders who is toying with them. Nekomamushi comments that they were fooled and Raizo notice that this guy possess everything that Oden has. Ashura battles with the guy who insists that he is Oden. Kikunojo notices that it is Kanjuro, and she warns others. Ashura got taken down, and Kikunojo apologized that she couldn’t take care of Kanjuro.

Ashura comments that the sharpest blade becomes blunt when pointed to a friend. He notices that Kanjuro is not here, and this is the drawing. He wonders where Kanjuro is and comments that the battle has become personal. Ashura exchanges blow with the man who claims to be Oden. He told him that he wouldn’t give up until the end of the war. The man who claimed to be Oden reveals that he is Kurozumi Kanjuro while laughing at The Red Scabbards that they have become weak.

Kanjuro comments that before he faces death, he will take out the heart of the Kouzuki Clan using his dagger. The Red Scabbards realizes that Momonosuke’s life is in danger, and Kawamatsu realizes that Momo was with Kunoichi. Kin’emon comments that they have to warn Shinobu before things get worse. Kanjuro started to attack them with a sword style. He told them not to be bothered about someone who is going to die, and their final challenge is in front of them.

Hybrid Form

One Piece

One Piece

The Red Scabbards decide to leave the room since the sword slashes are cutting everything. Ashura decided to stay back and stop Kanjuro alone. The two exchange powerful blows. Ashura comments that Kanjuro is a bastard, and his mockery of Kozuki Oden will end here. Kin’emon and Nekomamushi are on their back, witnessing the intense battle. Kin’emon took his sword and joined the battle; he told Raizo and Neko to leave. Jack also joined the battle as others flee the scene.

Kin’emon comments that even though Jack is a beast, he will have to stop him from causing more damages. Meanwhile, Yamato and Shinobure are running with Momonosuke. Momonosuke realizes that he will transform into a dragon when he met with the Straw Hat crew and Luffy. He thinks that he can help if he turns into a mosnter like that.

Yamato comments that she wishes she could join Luffy and takedown Kaido. At Onigashima Rooftop Luffy, Zoro, Captain Kid, and Law are battling with the Beast Pirates. They notice that none of their attacks are making an impact and how can they defeat these monsters. Luffy comments that their attacks are working it is just that they are trying to act tough.

He also said they are humans like them and he unleashes a Gomu Gomu No while the two Beast Pirates watch them. Killer is surprised that Luffy is still calling Kaido and Big Mom humans after all the damages. Zoro yells at Killer to come and help them. Three captains decided that they have to split the two and battle them away from each other. Kaido comments that Straw Hat’s eyes have never seemed to lose their fire. Luffy is about to attack with Gomu Gomu No while Kaido has changed into his Hybrid Form.

One Piece Chapter 1009 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1009 date will release on Sunday, 4 April 2021. As usual, new chapters of One Piece will be available every Sanday and there is no Break this weak. The spoiler of the upcoming chapter will be available during the week. Read One Piece Chapter 1008 and One Piece Chapter 1008 Spoilers.