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One Piece Chapter 1007: Everything You Need To Know

One Piece

This week, we will discuss One Piece Chapter 1007 titled Hyogoro of the flower, the chivalrous. In the beginning, we see the Beast Pirate Bao Huang spreading the news to the castle about Yamato’s crew location. Sanji heard that. He decided to sends some allies to help the Red Scabbards and Momonosuke’s crew. He chose some of a few allies, but they were not revealed who are they.

The moon is still cover with clouds outside the castle Onigashima continues to fly. Fujiyama is also shown but not from a far distance. Carrot and Wanda are above Perospero sitting on a rock their are both in their normal forms. Near them, there are lots of candy poles and spears spreading all over the ground. Let’s sess what the weekly schedule will reveal when the next chapter will be release below.

One Piece Chapter 1007 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1007 date will release on Sunday, 14 March 2021. Like always, new chapters of One Piece will be available every Sanday. But we will keep you updated the moment we get the spoilers. Read One Piece on Viz Media and MangaPlus. Take a look at was has happened in the battle here on One Piece Chapter 1006 that will be released on Sunday. Below, we will be looking at the chapter’s highlights soon. The spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1007 will be available this week. We will update the spoilers as soon as they are released.

One Piece Chapter 1006 Highlights

Perospero defeated Wanda and Carrot and heads to the castle. Marco is exchanging blows with both King and Queen at the same time.  X Drake and Hyogoro are protecting Choppers from Apoo and Kaidou’s subordinates. They are buying time for Chopper to make Koorioni’s antibody. After a few minutes, Chopper injects Hyogoro with Koorioni that increases his strength. The antibody gives them the power to fight until they die or kill.

Mighty Hyogoro

One Piece

One Piece

The Koorioni’s powers turn Hyogoro back to his old form. Hyogoro is now a bigger man, and he won’t turn back to a little man. He is glad the now he has his old body back, the battle can go on at any pace. Hyogoro unleashed a Sword Style of the Flower called Hana no Ittouryu. He attacks with a move called Tobatsu Kohai: Halo Rage that destroys the enemy. Hyogoro unleashed all his superhuman strength and landed a blow that destroys Mimawarigumi.

The blow also took down half of the enemies on the floor and even Hotei. He continues to slaughter the enemies with his new body. Hyogoro realizes that he should have allied back in the past and takedown Kaido. He thinks that twenty years ago, they would have been victorious if they work together to take down Kaido. At that time, they were still young and fresh. He regrets that they are fighting with Kaido’s ally after suffering for the past twenty years.

Hyogoro realizes that Kinemon has found a strong army, and he can now pass away with no worries. He knows that with the Straw Hat, they will never fail. Queen unleashed a laser beam, and he is ready to fire it from his mouth. He is aiming to attack Hyogoro. Marco gets in Queen’s way and legend a powerful leg kick on Queen’s neck. He attacks Queen with Houou In-Phoenix Brand and stops the laser beam.

Two Billion Berries bounty

One Piece

One Piece

King joins the battle and destroys one of  Marco’s wings, but the wing regenerate, and he attacks with Blue Bird: Blue Fire Goose that smashes King with the wall. He notices that King is getting up, and he unleashes another attack called Ongul: Crane’s Claw and kicks king away. Marco comments that he is tired and he has lost some blood fighting with two guys that cost 1 billion Berries bounty at the same time.

Suddenly, Perospero arrives inside the room, and he saw that Marco is tired. Meanwhile, the power of Koorion is taking all over Hyogoro’s body. Hyogoro orders Yakuza to kill before the Koorion make him lose his consciousness. He bows in front of Yakuza. He is glad that he is dying with no regrets, and Yakuza unleashes his blade. Yakuza swings the blade at Hyogoro’s neck. The battle still continues with Hyogoro ready to sacrifice his life.

If you have missed the previous chapter, you can get some highlights here. Earlier, in the recent battle, the Straw Hat manages to win more allies from Kaido’s men. They fed them with Dango that Tama made. Sanji refuses to fight with the lady Black Maria. His motto doesn’t allow him to fight with the ladies. But after being beaten to a pulp, he calls out Nico Robin. Later Nico Robin arrives at the scene with Brook.

Black Marai was impressed with her entrance by they wonder how she has passed their traps. Brook was the one who uses his power for Robin to pass Black Maria’s spider webs. Brook also uses his power and free Sanji. The battle still continues from the different floors; make sure not to miss a single battle. Note that next week there is No Break.




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