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Spoilers: One Piece Chapter 1006

One Piece Chapter 1006 spoilers were released early this week and provided more insight into the ongoing fight in Wano. We were looking forward to Robin and Black Maria’s fight, so we couldn’t wait for the earliest spoilers to release. Now that they are out, we will see how the next chapter of One Piece will proceed. The manga has to explore many fights and places as the fight have just got serious.

So at this point, we should expect things to go a little bit slow as there are many fights to cover. Then as each one of these small fights reaches an end the things will keep up the pace. We know that for now, the highlight of the moment is Robin vs. Black Maria. But let’s not get carried away yet as it looks like the upcoming Chapter will lean towards other events and not focus entirely on Black Maria and Robin’s fight at this point. 

There are still a lot of rooms where we are not sure about what is currently happening. The rooftop is one of them. But that one is expected as it is the biggest fight that will determine the outcome of the war, so we are not expecting to see anything major soon. We will have to see how the events will play out as other fights will get some manga time at last. 

Another issue is the silhouette that has appeared in the scabbards room. Depending on who the person behind it is, this could come out as interesting. One Piece Chapter 1006 will officially release on Viz Media and Shueisha’s manga plus websites on the weekend. You can also use the website’s apps to read your manga.

One Piece Chapter 1006 Spoilers

One Piece

One Piece Manga

The Chapter is titled ‘Hyogoro of the flower, the chivalrous.’

The chapter starts with Bao Huang. She has located Yamato’s group and relayed their location to the entire castle. After listening to it, Sanji had to decide which group he would help, the Red Scabbards orMomonosuke? Then he makes a decision, but it was not clear which one he made.

Onigashima is still airborne, and we can see that Fujiyama is not far away. Outside the castle, the full moon is covered by clouds. We then see Perospero sitting on a rock, and above him are Carrot and Wanda, who have turned back into their normal forms. They are on the ground and are surrounded by many candy poles and spears. Perospero defeated them and now enters the castle.

At the Live Floor, Marco is still fighting both King and Queen at once. X Drake and Hyogoro protect Chopper from Apoo and Kaidou’s man until he is done creating Koorioni’s antibodies.

Hyougoro is infected with Koorioni, which brings out every bit of strength in a person’s body so that they can run rampant until they die. This caused Hyogoro to turn back into his huge form temporarily. Hyogoro uses one sword style of the flower and his attack ‘Halo Rage.’ He brings out the last of his strength and defeats Mimawarigumi and almost everyone on the floor.

While he’s attacking, Hyogoro thinks of himself and how he used to regret not joining forces with Oden to fight Kaidou 20 years ago. Now Kinemon helps carry out the raid, and he has found a great disciple in Luffy, so now he can die without regrets.

Queen is about to shoot a laser beam from his mouth at Hyogoro, but Marco kicks his neck with his attack ‘phoenix brand’ to stop the beam. King cuts one of Marco’s wings, but he grows a new one and shoots a powerful flame attack, ‘Blue Bird, ‘ sending King flying into the wall.

When King tries to get up, Marco attacks him with ‘Ongul’ (Crane’s Claw). Marco tells him that he is exhausted and a bit bloodied from fighting two 1 billion berries bounty guys at once. Suddenly Perospero enters the room and notices that Marco is getting tired.

In Hyogoro’s room, the Koorioni is taking over his body, so he asks a Yakuza to kill him before he transforms completely and loses consciousness. Hyogoro then kneels and thinks that he doesn’t regret anything while Yakuza swings his blade at Hyogoro’s neck.

The manga will continue as usual, and there is NO BREAK NEXT WEEK.

We have managed to get hold of these early spoilers thanks to the One Piece subreddit.

These are all the early spoilers for now. More spoilers will come out later tomorrow or Thursday. Then on Friday, we will get the full spoilers of the Chapter. It looks like the manga did not focus on Robin’s fight this time. Well, it was a good development since we got to see how the other fights turned out. 

Unfortunately for Carrot’s fans, Perospero defeated her. So Perospero now moves on to where Maco is. Marco seems to have his hands full dealing with King and Queen. But if there is anyone who can do it, then it’s him. This is likely the moment where he has to show how powerful he is. We have already seen Perospero in action in Tottoland; even though we didn’t see his full powers heh doesn’t look as frightening as Marco. 

But since this is a war instead of a battle, a lot can happen. Let’s look forward to more spoilers; then we get to see his fight in full detail. The manga will be updating us on all ends this time, so this might carry on to next week’s Chapter.

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