One Piece Anime To Start Reverie Arc From Episode 879

One Piece anime started covering the Whole Cake Island arc from episode 783 in April of 2017. It was one of the longest-running arcs of One Piece anime, and I’m going to say it with pride that it was even better made than the manga itself. In manga fans just got to see Big Mom crying for Wedding Cake only but in anime, it was so well handled that even critics couldn’t complain about it.

The battle of Charlotte Katakuri and Monkey D Luffy was one of the all-time best fights of One Piece series, and easily the biggest Luffy has faced thus far. It was the most recent episode, that is One Piece episode 877 in which we finally saw the Strawhat Pirates crew finally manage to escape from the grasp of Big Mom Pirates.

It was all made possible with the help of their allies like the Sun Pirates and Germa 66. Even Jinbe who now is the crew member of Monkey D Luffy has stayed behind to help both his former crew and the new one.

One Piece episode 879

Some rumors were circulating that One Piece anime might make some filler episodes before taking up the manga one more time.

But it seems that the upcoming episode might be a filler one but not the one after that. The One Piece episode 879 will be the start of Reverie Conference arc; this episode is titled “To the Reverie! Gathering of the Straw Hat Allies!”.

This is a small arc where we’ll see all leaders of the world gathering at Mary Geoise. The Revolutionary Army commanders will also be shown. The iconic scenes like Shanks appearing, the introduction of Im, the revelation of Empty Throne and the giant Strawhat. It is going to be exciting to behold this new arc. Soon after this arc ,the all important and thrilling Wano arc will start.

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