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One Piece Anime Set to Reveal Flying Six and Onigashima!

Tobiroppo Members
Tobiroppo Members

One Piece anime has finally reached Onigashima, which means next, we will be able to see the Island in full detail. We know the manga has revealed such scenes years back. And just when earlier this year the manga has reached a milestone of 1000 chapters, the anime will be reaching its own milestone soon. The Wano arc is already in full swing in the manga and is making deadlines each week. Meanwhile, the anime has just started with the action, and the recent episodes have revealed some intense action as Luffy, Law, and Kid compete to see who can singlehandedly sink an entire fleet from Kaidou’s subordinates who were attacking at the time.

Spoilers Ahead

The anime episode was epic with some insane scenes that could even rival that of movies. It’s all thanks to MEGUMI ISHITANI for doing wonderful work, as we have all seen in One Piece episode 957 that the work he has done has taken One Piece anime to the next level. Now the next episode, One Piece, episode 982, will be directed by the same person and is expected to show the Straw Hats, and con finally makes it to Onigashima. So fans will finally get to see Onigashima up close for the first time in the anime.

On top of that, we will get to see the Tobiroppo(Flying Six) make their debut in the anime. This means that we will be getting their official color schemes and also get to hear their voice actors and actresses. The anime is finally picking up pace. Even though it did not appear as exciting in the manga, the animation of the current One Piece anime episodes brings in an awesome atmosphere.

luffy'r devil fruit theory


One Piece Episode 982: Onigashima and Tobiroppo Appear in Anime.

Onigashima Island is the stronghold of the Beast Pirates, and to finally see the Island appearing in full in the anime will be very interesting. This is where we will get to understand the difference between anime and manga. Because in the anime, we will get to experience various effects that the manga could not reveal.

Although some manga adaptations worsen the artist’s drawings, so far, One Piece has offered us some consistency compared to the manga. It is not just that, but in fact, the anime makes the scenes more interesting. You would remember that the scenes where Kanjuro reveals that he is the traitor are much better in the anime compared to the manga. And when he finally drew his crane and escaped, then the effects were in the next level of the animation. Similarly, the upcoming anime episode will feature a similar atmosphere when the beast pirate’s flying six, or rather Tobiroppo, finally makes their appearance in the anime.

We have already seen the likes of X Drake and Page One in the name earlier on. But now, characters like Who’s Who, Sasaki, Black Maria, and Ulti. This will be one of Kaidou’s strongest subordinates, so obviously, they should enter with some interesting atmosphere. You would remember that even when the likes of Kaidou appeared in the anime, it was in brief cameos. And when he finally appeared in full in the anime, then it was worth the wait. The same thing happened when Onigashima appeared, and next, it will appear in full together with the flying six.

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The anime will settle some translation issues because this is one area where confusion could arise. So we should also keep in mind that translations vary according to streaming platforms that sub the episodes and the manga translations as well.

Tobiroppo Members in the Anime

Tobiroppo Members in the Anime

Onigashima: The Beast Pirates Stronghold

When Onigashima appeared in the anime, it was only in short glimpses from a distance and in the anime openings as well. Then the scene usually skips to Kaidou throwing tantrums about the straw hat behaviors, and then that would be all of it. It’s interesting to finally see that things will be in full action next as Luffy and his allies make easy work of Kaidou’s subordinates, who were sent to finish up the samurai.

Law has already devised a way forward, took advantage of Luffy and Kid’s rivalry, and used them as a diversion. So from here on, it means it will be Onigashima raid in full action, and with one of the best animation directors taking over from here, then we can also expect the upcoming fighting scenes to be epic.

So when they finally strike in Kaidou’s mansion, then things will be more interesting. If you have noticed from the openings of the recent episodes, then you would have already noticed the appearance of characters like Yamato and some of the flying six members. So most fans are looking forward to the appearance of Who’s Who since he is currently getting some attention in the latest chapters of the manga. One person we are yet to see developments from would be Sasaki since he hasn’t appeared for a while.

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But to steer away from the spoilers, let’s leave that topic as a matter to be discussed another day. We know for sure that the upcoming episodes of the anime will be the most interesting since the Straw Hats got to Wano. And then from there, that is when the manga will pick up more action with each upcoming episode, so we should be looking forward to a lot of action.

One Piece Current Anime Episodes vs. The Manga Chapters

Even though manga fans already know what to look forward to. It’s never enough to see the manga scenes in action, finally. Even if you are an anime-only fan, the preview of each episode has promised a lot of interesting activities with each coming episode.

The anime is currently adapting chapter 977 of the anime with about seven pages of action left. The pace of the manga adaptation is about one and a half chapters for each episode, so things are quite slow. This is because of the action-filled Wano arc events, and now, with the Onigashima raid on then, things might not get any faster than this.



The last episodes took things partly towards the end of chapter 977. But the previews at the end took us through to the rest of the chapter, and we managed to get a glimpse of what will be happening next. To stay within the limits of the preview of the next episode. Chapter 977 ended when the Tobiroppo made their appearance so that the next episode will take things a little further than that.

What we know from the anime so far is that the Tobiroppo will gather next, and we get a close-up of Onigashima and how the Tobiroppo looks like once they assemble. Then as the episode will get in more details, it will move over to Chapter 978 but will probably not adopt all of it. And on the other hand, we will have a good director joining in for all that action, so it’s something worth looking forward to.

One Piece Anime July Schedule and Development

Looking forward to what would be coming for the month of July in the anime. We have already seen from the last episode that things have heated up. Everyone is in battle mode and ready to fight. Luffy has been training in Udon prisoner mines, and it seems he has found a way to break through Kaidous defenses, so that is something that the Onigashima raid will look at later on when he finally reaches Kaidou.

One Piece Anime

One Piece Anime

What we are looking forward to the most interesting scenes and their animation will even make them better. To take a look at which episodes we will have this month and broadcast, you can read our One Piece Anime July Schedule. Things will be hectic for the month, and we already know that Luffy and Kid are going to take a direct approach and attract a lot of attention wherever they go.

On the other hand, Law and the rest of the allies will take a sneaking approach while Luffy and Kid wreak havoc on the front entrance of the Island. One Piece anime episodes currently release weekly and are available for streaming on sites like Crunchyroll for subs and Funimation if you are an exclusive dub-only fan. So let’s look forward to what the upcoming episodes will bring us. So far, we know that with a director like Megumi Ishitani, then everything is on the right path.

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