One Piece Anime on an Infinite Hiatus: One Piece episode 1014 delayed?

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One Piece anime on Infinite Hiatus?
One Piece anime on Infinite Hiatus?

When it comes to remembering some of the most iconic anime series One Piece is the first name that comes to our mind. The reason for this is very clear as the whole series has remained one of the longest-running. Since the day it has been released, it never failed to give the adventure that people crave. The anime of One Piece have recently marked the milestone of releasing its 1000 episode. It was a great achievement for the fandom as well as the creators. It has finally reached a part where we know a new arc is going to start and its fact makes the new releases more anticipating. However, things didn’t go well and it is likely that the Wano Arc is going to be delayed.

The anime series One Piece is about to release episode 1014 which is a crucial episode for the plot progress. The whole Wano Arc that is the next arc of the series is a very important part for the protagonist too. Until now, all the fans already had that doubtful moment due to the rumors of the delay in the release of the OP episode. But the latest updates regarding the same are not very exciting and have already made a gloomy atmosphere among the fandom. However, you ensure every single thing regarding the same let’s dig deeper into the matter and find out if One Piece Episode 1041 is delayed.

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About One Piece

The Japanese anime and manga series One Piece by Eiichiro Oda has remained one of the most popular series to date. It was produced by Toei Animation and centers the adventure and fantasy concepts. Till now the manga of One Piece has been collected into 101 tankobon volumes. As for the anime series it has recently released the 1013 episode and fans are eagerly waiting for episode 1014. Not only this, many anime films, live actions, and games are released based on the plot of the series. The plot of the anime follows the adventures of a boy named Monkey D. Luffy. He has gained the properties of rubber after he accidentally ate the Devil Fruit. Now he along with his pirate crew “Straw Hat Pirates” is exploring the Grand line in search of the legendary treasure “One Piece”.

One Piece episode 1014 delayed?
Luffy and Straw Hat Pirates

One Piece anime on Infinite Hiatus?

The announcement that came out on 11th March 2022 is extremely saddening for those who wait for the new episode of One Piece every week. It was made by the Toei Animation Corporation and the studio thanked everyone who has been watching the anime series. They further added that since Sunday, 6th March 2022 the internal network of the studio has been reporting an interference of a third party.

As a result, the internal systems have been suspended that have impacted the production of the series. Similarly, it affected the broadcast of the further episodes and have disrupted the schedules. They apologized for the hindrance in the airing of the episodes and added that the further updates will be passed on the next broadcast scheduled that is Sunday 20th March 2022.

Hence, we can say that we might not hear from the series for quite some time. It has mot made clear when the series is going to be continued after the break. The only thing that is mentioned is that they will try to sort the things really soon and come back with the continued adventures of Luffy and Straw Hat Pirates. So, we can assume that the series has been put on an infinite hiatus, but the creators have promised to post updates on this on One Piece’s official website.

One Piece Episode 1014 Delayed?

The anime series of One Piece have progressed a lot and has already taken us into a lot of twists. Currently, the series is progressing with its Season 20 and has released its episode 1031. In this season the main story arc is called “Wano Country” and it’s adapted from the sources material from the 90th volume onwards. Its latest episode was released on 6th March 2022 and was titled “Yamato’s Past! The Man who Came for an Emperor of the Sea!”. It ended as well as any other episode and gave us a preview into episode 1014.

Still from One Piece episode 1013
Still from One Piece episode 1013

However, now as we know how things have turned the One Piece Episode 1041 is indeed delayed. As for a particular release date, we can’t say anything now until we get some official news from the creators.

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