One Piece Anime Flaunts Luffy Vs Kaido! Gum-Gum no Red Roc!

One Piece Episode 1017
Gomu-Gomu no Red Roc!

Whitebeard, Roger, and Oden all predicted that in more than 20 years, the New World would be flooded with young, strong people. Now they are here at the Wano to free the country, known as the “Worst Generation” pirates. The end of the Wano arc has begun in the One Piece anime, and the most recent Episode features Luffy vs Kaido in breathtaking animation, as well as Luffy’s new move Gum-Gum no Red Roc, which brought an end to the thousand chapters. Fans of One Piece are eager for the battle to begin and are looking forward to the events that will unfold in the anime’s later episodes.

After a long hiatus, the One Piece anime returned with Episode 1014. Furthermore, the most recent One Piece Episode marked the 1000th chapter of the manga, as well as the start of the long-awaited Luffy vs Kaido battle. Is it just me, or does it seem like every time Toei Animation takes a hiatus from anime, the next Episode has better animation and storytelling? Or maybe it’s just the events that are following now are better. The Wano storyline has been growing for over a hundred episodes and is finally in its last installment, The Emperors vs. The Worst Generation.

One Piece Anime Flaunts Luffy’s New Move Gum-Gum no Red Roc: Luffy Vs Kaido Has Began

The last time Luffy faced Kaido or attempted to fight Kaido, he was knocked out in a single strike. Luffy went full strength from the start, utilizing his Gear 4 wrapped with armament haki, and he didn’t even touch Kaido. This time, though, things have gone differently. With his move Gum-Gum no Red Roc, Luffy is able to throw a devastating punch on Kaido, leaving more than a scratch this time. The punch implies that Luffy is stronger than before and ready to face Kaido and defeat him so that Luffy will free Wano, a friend’s homeland, and move one step closer to becoming King of Pirates.

Gomu-Gomu no Red Roc! (Luffy Vs Kaido)
Luffy Vs Kaido has begun!

Not only does Luffy’s new move show that he is stronger, but so does the will of all the samurais and pirates who Kaido has tormented. It is late Oden’s wish to liberate the Wano nation from Kaido’s lengthy dominion of more than 20 years. Luffy’s approach to Kinemon from the center of the two threatening emperors demonstrated that he is not fighting for pleasure but rather to safeguard the samurais. In Wano, Haki is known as Ryuo, which means “flow.” The flow of this punch begins with Oden’s death, the faith and loyalty of the Minsk tribe, Pedro’s sacrifice, and Yasuie’s death, and ends with Luffy’s aspiration to be King of Pirates.

The events that will occur today will be the greatest that One Piece anime has to offer. Luffy’s new move is only the beginning of his new abilities. Not just Luffy but also Kid, Zoro, Killer, and Law have much to give in this last battle. It’s an exciting moment to be a One Piece fan.

Luffy's New Punch
Luffy from the One Piece episode 1016

Where To Watch Luffy’s New Move Gum-Gum no Red Roc?

The latest One PieceEpisode has begun the most chaotic battle “Luffy vs Kaido” with Luffy’s new move. You can watch Luffy vs Kaido and Luffy’s new move in the One Piece Episode 1015. You can stream the latest Episode on Crunchyroll but only in selected regions.

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