One Piece And Puma Collaboration: Official Announcement And Details

One Piece and Puma

One Piece is in the spotlight again, but not for new manga chapter. One Piece manga continues to grow further into its on-going arc. And soon One Piece will take an even massive leap ahead into the big screens when its next film releases. One Piece: Stampede will debut next week, and it seems the anime has a special gift in store to excite the release.

Merchandise giant Puma has chosen to work together with One Piece, and fans can envision what will originate from the hybrid. As of late, Puma and One Piece prodded their partnership on the web. A simple black-and-white graphic was released which featured the Puma logo along with One Piece’s sign. The date August 9 was incorporated in the promotion which alludes to the arrival of One Piece: Stampede, the anime’s next film. So as you can envision, fans are exceptionally inquisitive about what’s to come.

Puma is a world-famous apparel brand which sneakerheads are known to gravitate. Their exemplary shoes can get expensive as collectible pieces, and fans are interested in finding out if One Piece will traverse those high-end possibilities with this brand deal.

This isn’t the first occasion when One Piece has hit out with a shoe collection. A couple of years back observed Skechers attempt such an undertaking when its first influx of One Piece sneakers went live. The collection utilized no different shoe models yet with changing shading plans to match pirates like   Tony Chopper, Monkey D. Luffy, and more. Presently, it appears Puma will give its interpretation of the anime, so fans will most likely pick between the brand hybrids before excessively long.

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