One Piece 999 Spoilers

One Piece 999 Spoilers: Kaido’s Devil Fruit and Yamato Vs. Ace

This week’s One Piece 999 spoilers are here, and we are nearly there with the 1000th chapter of the long-running manga, One Piece, which has been going on for over 20+ years. So far we have gotten information and leaks on the chapter title, minimal to huge spoilers, which we will be sharing with you all below.

One Piece chapter 999 will be released on Sunday, 20 December 2020 on Viz Media & Manga Plus’s official website. This is the official date for the release, the spoilers, and unofficial release date will be completely out by Friday 18, December 2020. We have also got to know that next week there will be no One Piece chapter as Weekly Shonen Jump is going on a break due to Christmas and Holidays, and will be returning on January 4, 2021, with its new issue.

One Piece 999 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 999 is titled “The Waiting Liquor I Made For You” which can be said “君がため醸みし待酒” in Japanese. The main point of the chapter is focused on Yamato, Ace, Big Mom, and Kaido. We get to know that Yamato and Ace fought and became friends, when Ace arrived in Wano, he went to Onigashmina to rescue kidnapped children from the mainland of Wano. It is also confirmed in this One Piece Chapter 999 that during the time Portgas D. Ace visited Wano, Kaido was on an expedition, and was not in Wano.

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Who’s Who – One Piece 998 ( source: amanomoon)

We get to see the talk between Ace and Yamato and how she wanted to set out to sea like Oden and live freely, there is a small fight between Ace and Yamato, after the fight, they get close to each other and drink together, ultimately becoming good friends. And as we all know, how much Ace cares about Luffy and loves to talk about him, he talked to Yamato about the young pirates of the sea, as well as his little brother Monkey D. Luffy.

In the present of One Piece manga 999, as per the raw spoilers, Marco tries to fly Zoro to the roof, and he recalls Ace for a moment. Top guns from Kaido’s crew King and Queen transforms into their Ancient Zoan form in order to stop Marco from helping Zoro get to the roof. We are now moved Yamato, Momonosuke, Shinobu, and Tama’s part, where Tama learns that Luffy is Ace’s brother and Yamato also mentions that Luffy has “D” in his name, just like Ace.

Big Mom and Kaido are talking on the roof of Onigashima, while Kaido is moving the island to the mainland of Wano, Flower Capital. Big Mom tells Kaido to keep Nico Robin alive as she can read the ancient poneglyphs, and can be useful to them. On the other hand, Kaido asks Big Mom about the three eyes girl on her side, who, as we know is, Charlotte Pudding, and if she can read the ancient texts yet.

What is Kaido's Devil Fruit?
Kaido and his devil fruit transformation – One Piece 999

What is Kaido’s Devil Fruit?

One of the biggest questions is revealed in this chapter is, Kaido’s Devil Fruit, the day Kaidou received his devil fruit was also the day their captain Rocks D. Xebec fell. The devil fruit was given to Kaidou by Big Mom, there is not much information that is revealed about Kaido’s devil fruit, other than that the Devil Fruit is mythical type, and it is called Uo Uo no Mi, which can be translated to English, Fish Fish Fruit. As Kaido has a dragon form, this totally does not make sense for me, but Oda will definitely reveal the secret behind this very soon.