One Piece 926 Release Date And Spoilers

Hey everyone! I’m pretty sure that you were all left satisfied after reading One Piece 925, and your minds completely blown. Before I begin the discussion for One Punch 926, let me take a moment and appreciate 925. Oda went all-out this week, and I think it’s fair to say that this was the best One Piece chapter we got this year. I think it trumps everything we’ve seen so far, from Reverie to Luffy vs Kaido, and what not.

One Piece 926 Release Date

The One Piece manga is, without a doubt, at the best point since the two-year timeskip. In this chapter, we found out that Absalom was actually dead. His Devil Fruit belongs to Shiliew of the Rain now. Moving on, Catarina Devon now has the Mythical Zoan 9 Tailed Fox Devil Fruit. Gecko Moria was attacked by both of them, and Blackbeard’s new design was revealed. We found out that the Revolutionary Army commander’s clashed against Ryokugyu, and Fujitora at the Reverie, and finally Blackbeard asks Moria to join his crew.

Things are getting heated up in One Piece, and among all this action, we head back to Wano Country. The most important thing we find out there are the two other calamities of Kaidou. Queen the Plague, and King the Fire. I think both of them have good designs and they’ll serve as great opponents for the Strawhat Pirates. I’m pretty sure that Zoro will end up fighting the King, or Shogun. It’s either one or the other.

On the other hand, it seems Sanji will fight Queen at the end of this arc, but it could be King, if Zoro fights the Shogun. In the next chapter, I think we’ll see Raizou’s group. He was said to be assisting the group that’s going to save Luffy. However, they’re going to be extremely hard to save since that place is probably guarded by the Calamities of Kaido. Zoro, Sanji, Shutenmaru, and Kinemon are all needed to fight these monsters. I also think we’ll see more of Luffy and Kid in the next chapter. They have to realize what they need to do to get stronger, and then face Kaido once again.

Where To Read One Piece 926?

There are some unofficial sites that allow you to read One Piece manga. However, even if you read the scanlation, please support the official release by waiting for the official release, which will help the anime and manga community. We will see One Piece return next week, most likely. There are rumors that Jump will be on break next week, so I’ll let you know on that one. For now, the scans will be out by 30 November 2018. One Piece Chapter 924 returns officially on 3 December 2018.

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