One Piece 924 Spoilers – Monkey D. Luffy Captured?

In the previous chapter of One Piece, Luffy was defeated by Kaido’s one swing. The Yonko sobered up and reminded the Straw Hat that if its a one on one battle, then Kaido is the one to root for because his opponent doesn’t have any chance to win. Will there be a mini “Luffy Rescue” arc or will the plan proceed without him? Will he get captured in One Piece chapter 924?

One Piece Chapter 924 – Luffy’s Getting A Jail Time

With Luffy unconscious, there’s no doubt that he will be captured and will be used to lure his other allies so Kaido can crush them all at once. There’s no way he can escape in that condition without getting any help from the others. And since there is no news about them in the latest chapter, it is safe to say that they prioritized their evacuation or that they are all dead. If Law can take Luffy away with his Devil Fruit, that would make things simpler. But knowing Law, he might not want to get reckless and just prioritize regrouping for the sake of the grand plan.

If Luffy is getting a jail time in One Piece chapter 924, he might have a chance to recruit Eustass Kid in the alliance for defeating Orochi. It can be remembered that Kid is the only one who stood up against Kaido and because of this, he was imprisoned. Hopefully, we will see him reunite with Luffy in the next chapter.

Meanwhile, if Kinemon and the others escaped, the most rational thing to do is to proceed to his sneaky plan. Rescuing Luffy will come at a later time because gathering more alliance is the better option right now. If they tried to rescue Luffy and lose more man before their plan’s commencement, that would be a heavy blow to the alliance. Unless Luffy is one of the nine samurais, then he must have to be rescued for the prophecy to be fulfilled. We might not see Luffy in action starting One Piece chapter 924 to make more developments for the other characters.

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