One Piece 924 Raw Scans Release Date and Predictions

Kinemon’s plan went downhill instantly when Luffy decided to challenge Kaido and lost the fight. Kaido will not want to take his sight off Luffy, now that he finally got the person who destroyed his SMILES. In One Piece chapter 924, Luffy’s life is in danger. Meanwhile, Zoro might be able to meet one of the three  Samurais of Wano that Kinemon talked about.

One Piece Chapter 924 – The Wrath Of A Yonko

Kaido and Luffy’s fight the last chapter was one of the most intense battles yet in the Wano Country arc. When it almost seems like Kaido was hurt by Luffy’s barrage of attacks, he finished Luffy in most powerful form with one swing. This shows how Luffy is still far from being the Pirate King. Kaido might imprison him and lure out all his allies to crush them all at once. The Yonko might have a skirmish with Big Mom in the future because they both want to rip Luffy apart. But that concern is still too early in One Piece chapter 924.

Zoro’s journey back to the Okobore Town is more interesting right now for the next chapter. If Kaido’s attack obliterated all the people inside Oden’s Castle, then the only remaining Straw Hats are Luffy and Zoro. If Zoro already know the plan, and he happens to meet one of the three specific Samurais they are looking for, then this Samurai might even help Luffy escape Kaido.

Nobody knows if these Samurais can fight against Kaido and co, but any help is welcome right now. Luffy is unconscious, and it is unlikely that he’ll regain his consciousness.
Hopefully, Kinemob and the others are still alive in One Piece chapter 924. We might get more information to this chapter so stay tuned.

One Piece 924 will be coming out next week on Monday. However, we will get the scans, 2-3 days earlier.

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