One Piece 922: Who Is Shutenmaru?

Today, I’ll be talking about One Piece 922. The manga is finally back now, and there is going to be no break for about a month, which is great for all the fans. This week’s chapter quite a bit of insight on different characters, and there was also a bit of focus on Zoro. We all thought that Jack would meet Zoro in this chapter, but that didn’t turn out to be quite right.

They may still meet, and fight in the upcoming chapter though. I think Zoro has an important role to play, because why else would he get separated from the crew? I think it is time for Oda to show us more information on Wano. Shutenmaru is one character who I am really interested in. I am intrigued by his character, and I think he should be included in more chapters.

In the next chapter, I think Shutenmaru will play an important role because it is time that he got properly introduced in the story. I also think we should get more information on Orochi. We haven’t seen much of him at the Flower Capital. I think we should’ve seen more than just his silhouette by now, and I hope One Piece Chapter 922 delivers that. What’s more, I think it is time for another disaster of Kaido to be revealed in the story.

Smoothie was revealed fairly early at Whole Cake Island. So, even if Oda saved the strongest disaster for last, I think the middle one should be revealed soon now. It is going to be incredibly fantastic if that happens in the upcoming chapter.

When Does One Piece 922 Come Out?

One Piece 922 scans will be out by Friday next week. One Piece Chapter 922 returns officially on 29 October 2018.

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