One Piece 917 Full Spoilers Are Out

Hey everyone! One Piece 917 full spoilers are finally out. We’ve had to wait for two weeks for this chapter. Thankfully for us, the next issue of Shounen Jump comes out two days early. As a result, we’re getting early spoilers today, and we are also getting the full One Piece Chapter scans tomorrow. So look forward to it. I must say, this week’s chapter seems really good.

I’ve been waiting for a solid chapter for some time now, and this seems to be it. Like last week’s chapter, there is a decent amount of combat in this chapter as well. Luffy is fighting Holdem, as we guessed in the chapter predictions earlier. Law vs. Hawkins didn’t quite happen, but they’re still standing face-to-face, so who knows what will happen there. Again, we didn’t get a glimpse of the rest of the Strawhat Pirates, but hopefully, we’ll get them next week. Here are the full spoilers for One Piece Chapter 917:

One Piece 917 read online

The first page shows a place with small houses made of woods for poor people and a mother carrying her crying baby; the place looks contaminated. Then we see a beautiful farm that has various types of food, and it seems like Kaido’s farm. We see a Centaur-women gifter apparently, and her hair color is split to black and white. She looks hot from far away, but when you look closely in the next panel she has a horse face-smiling look. However, she has a decent looking chest.

One Piece 917 Spoilers

Holdem’s lion is holding O-tama between his jaws, while Zoro Luffy and O-kiku, and the dog are looking at him. O-tama was crying for help after she saw Luffy and the others. Buildings are hanging in the air just like in the earlier chapters. O-kiku is talking to Luffy about jack, and Luffy remembers Jack, and Zunisha. Kaido’s subordinates are carrying food to Holdem. Luffy sees the food, and his mouth-waters, but then he remembers O-tama.

Hawkins just entered the town riding his animal and, a person is standing in front of him holding a sword, and covering his face with straw-thingy. It’s Law, but Hawkins didn’t recognize him. But, he’s suspecting something. One of Kaido’s subordinates captured O-kiku, yet Zoro And Luffy didn’t do anything. It is as if they were saying help yourself out. Luffy and Zoro are looking at Holdem, and suddenly the lion that holds O-tama got hurt. His teeth got smashed, and blood was coming out. Luffy punched the lion in the mouth.

Luffy took the cart that Kaido’s subordinates were carrying and attached it to the dog (The same dog that was carrying them in the earlier chapters). He took with him both O-tama and O-kiku. Luffy was carrying O-tama after he rescued her. The lion spits fire on Luffy, but he immediately dodges it, and drops O-tama at the same time. Luffy punches Holdem with a massive Red Hawk. The drawing here is the same panel when Luffy punched Charlos in Sabaody arc.

As expected, Oda has delivered with a nice chapter after the break. I’m enjoying the Wano arc, and all that it needs now is the reunion of the Strawhats to make it even better. I hope we get to see that next week. It’s been nearly 10 chapters since we’ve seen them now. Trafalgar Law vs. Hawkins may be off-screened, but I think we probably won’t even hear about it. There is no break next week, so that’s good news as well.

What are your expectations for One Piece Chapter 917? Let me know in the comments section!

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