One Piece 908 Spoilers

One piece chapter 908

In this post, we will be talking about One Piece 908. Hey everyone! OP Chapter 907 dropped last week, and it was an incredible chapter, as expected from Eiichiro Oda. This chapter blew the minds of everyone, and even the greatest of theorists couldn’t have predicted what happened in this One Piece chapter. We began with Big Mom and Kaido speaking over a Den Den Mushi and they talked about an alliance to destroy Luffy once and for all. We also saw Garp at Red Port talking to Hina, Chaton, Momousagi, Full body and Django. They were talking about Rocks, which was a Legendary crew that existed 40 years ago and ruled the seas all alone. After them, it was Gol D Roger who became the ruler of the seas, but even then he had Whitebeard and Shiki to rule parts of the seas as well.

One Piece 908

One Piece 908

Kaido and Big Mom were revealed to be in the same Pirate crew about 40 years ago. They will now try to form an alliance once again, which will see rocks return once again. Over at Mariejois, Shanks entered the room where the Gorosei were. This was pretty much a huge shock to everyone. I don’t think anyone expected Shanks to show up at Mariejois like this. This raises a lot of questions, probably more than it even answers. In the next chapter of One Piece, that is One Piece 908, we’re going to see Shanks talk with the Gorosei about a certain pirate. This pirate could be anyone, from Blackbeard, to Luffy. However, I believe that it was the captain of the Rocks who we heard about from Garp recently. I think the Gorosei might be wary of him already.

One Piece Chapter 908

One Piece Chapter 908 Spoilers Will Reveal Shanks’ Plan

I also think we’ll see the Reverie finally begin in the next chapter of One Piece. Oda didn’t give us much about the Poneglyphs yet, so I expect that issue to tackled soon. The Strawhat that we saw in One Piece Chapter 905 was also very intriguing, and maybe we’ll get to see something about that as well. Oh and don’t forget the fact that the Revolutionary Army is there as well. They’ll make their move sooner or later, and expect it to be within the next 3-4 chapters. What do you think will happen in One Piece chapter 908? Let me know in the comments section below!

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