One Piece 904: To The World Meeting

One Piece 904 To The World Meeting
One Piece 904

One Piece 903 officially marked the beginning of the long-awaited Reverie Arc, last week’s OP Chapter was indeed awesome, we got so many unexpected stuff. Fans are already waiting for One Piece Manga Chapter 904 this week, but they are going to be a bit disappointed.

One Piece 904: To The World Meeting

Opforum member, Pacquiao8 predicted the following for One Piece 904:

One Piece chapter 904 read online

  • Title: “To The World Meeting”
  • Everyone on Thousand Sunny is still in shock about Luffy’s new bounty. Luffy is very happy with his new bounty.
  • Nami and Chopper are frightened for Luffy because other big-time pirates will be coming after him.
  • Carrot shows the rest of the new bounties.
    • Bege got 750 Million.
    • Jinbe got 550 Million.
    • The rest of the crew got 100 Million increase for being associated with the crew.
    • Nami and Brook got additional 20 Million increase.
    • Chopper got another 50 increase, which annoyed him very much.
    • Sanji got more depressed to know that his bounty is still lower than Zoro.
    • Carrot now has 120 Million bounty.