One Piece 1st New Episode Airs After Toei Hack

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One Piece 1st New Episode Airs after Toei Hack
One Piece 1st New Episode Airs after Toei Hack

One Piece is one of those classic anime series that has been accompanying many of us from our very childhood. Many of us grew up watching anime, and this way, it has become a very necessary part of our lives. Each of us who dearly follows the anime might have been aware of the hiatus that the anime faced. It was very heartbreaking news when Toei announced its system to have been hacked. The third-party interference in the production system of Toei Animation delayed the new episodes of many anime series from the production house. Yes, you can say that it was not only the Once Piece fandom who suffered, but many avid anime viewers felt the pain after the Toei hack.

All the currently airing anime from the studio were put on an indefinite hiatus as nobody knew when they might return. This detail about that announcement had made the fans really sad. However, it’s been quite some time since that scenario, and a new update regarding the same is coming directly from the house of Toei Animation. You sense it right. One Piece anime, which was put on an indefinite hiatus, is coming back into action. Toei is going to air the first new episodes by One Piece after the Hack. This news is nothing more than pure bliss, so let’s get deeper into it and find more details.

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About One Piece

One Piece is one of the most popular anime series that literally gives out the definition of the whole shonen genre. It mostly covers the concepts of adventure and fantasy while also including a very depiction of action. Not because the anime is very old and one of the longest-running, but some of its elements have made the fans stick to it. Being a typical shonen anime centering on a very ambitious protagonist, it will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The series will give you heavy action and, at the same time, will show some crackhead characteristics. Sometimes while it becomes more humourous than ever, other times, it turns out to be very saddening and emotional. Entering the world of One Piece is a completely joyous experience.

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The series came into being as a manga by the popular mangaka Eiichiro Ora. It appeared in Shueisha Publications and was serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. Since 22nd July 1997, the manga has been standing strong, being the best among all its competitors with a collection of 102 tankobon volumes. The anime adaption of the manga was at another level and had been running since 1999. Recently, the anime has crossed the milestone of 1000 episodes. It was a very big achievement, and everyone was happy, but soon after, everything was stuck by some bad omen. The anime had to go on a hiatus due to some issues in production.

One Piece Episode 1014 release date
One Piece

One Piece 1st New Episode Airs After Toei Hack

We all know the pain and grief we felt after the hiatus of One Piece anime was announced. It was announced on 11th March 2022 that the Toei Animation production system had reported an unauthorized interference on 6th March 2022. A third party had accessed the company’s network resulting in the shutting down of some parts of the company’s network. In order to prevent any leaks and spoilers beforehand, Toei Animation took steps cautiously. They announced an indefinite hiatus for many of their top airing shows and a delay in the release of One piece Episode 1014. It had been weeks since we didn’t have any single update regarding the resuming of these shows.

Still from One Piece episode 1014 releases after Toei Hack
Still from One Piece episode 1013

However, on the morning of 6th April 2022, the official website of One Piece anime has dropped out an update. According to that, the One Piece anime will be airing its 1st new episode after the Toei hack incident. So, the One Piece Episode 1014 release date is now scheduled for 17th April 2022. Yes, this moment is here; the wait of these few weeks is over, and now you will be able to stream the new Episode of One Piece in the coming weeks.

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